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From Shikoku to Kyushu

It’s always nice to wake up somewhere with a view, and we couldn’t complain about this one.
Once we’d admired the view enough, we were on our bikes again and headed to the local station to catch a connection of local and fast trains to Yawatahama port. 446 more words

Cycling Kyushu

Cycling from Honshu to Shikoku

This was our first pre-dawn start. We had read mixed reviews about the difficulty of the Shimanami Kaido and so decided to give ourselves the whole day to complete the 70km cycle path. 787 more words

Cycling Kyushu

Sakura Season

Since Sakura (cherry blossoms) were one of the (only) things I knew about Japan before I left, I was really looking forward to seeing them in real life. 330 more words


Temple 66 and 67

The next day had much better weather — while it was still misty in the morning, it steadily cleared up, and confirmed the wisdom of just hanging out the afternoon before in the warmth and dry of our room. 808 more words


Temples 68 & 69, and 70

We woke up to a somewhat drippy morning, which was forecasted to be heavy rain through the afternoon. With this sort of forecast, we did not want to take on that much. 379 more words


Sidebar: Japanese food is not bland; alternative title: there are no lawns on Shikoku

Recently, the magazine Mental Floss published an article translating travel tips for Japanese tourists to America. One of the travel tips is, “American food is flat to the taste, indifferent in the subtle difference of taste”.  920 more words


Temple 65

Temple 65, Sankakuji, was a good 45 kms away from our previous cluster of temples, so we took the train to (Iyo-) Mishima. Until we made it to Takamatsu, the next series of temples were in the vicinity of “rust belt” cities, that might have been prosperous a generation ago, but now looked a little worn around the edges. 366 more words