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May 16, 2013: Excellent conversation and a henro inn that has this down pat

It was nice to be able warm up breakfast in the microwave before leaving, although it was hard to eat first thing in the morning.  I’m used to being up and moving around for a bit first. 3,155 more words

Field Report: Matsuyama (12 February 2014) - Part 3/3

Old-fashioned onsen bathing is an experience one normally associates with resort towns or rustic mountain hideaways, but Matsuyama’s own hot spring district brings the experience a little closer to downtown. 1,046 more words


May 15, 2014: Half day off from being a henro

I saw Iron Man 3 today.  Again.  I have my reasons.

A word about movies in Japan, in case you were on henro and suddenly felt the need to watch a movie when in a larger city. 1,527 more words

Shikoku pilgrimage Day 15 - 19

Day 15 – 7 October

The next morning I woke and decided to give my bike a much needed clean.  I wasn’t in a massive hurry again as I’d arranged another Warmshowers.org host for that evening. 1,480 more words


Shikoku pilgrimage Day 12 - 14

Day 12 – 4 October

I woke on the 12th day of my pilgrimage with the sound of the waves susurrating against the shore.  Surfers were already in the water even though it wasn’t yet 7am. 836 more words


O-Boy, O-bon: Tokushima Awaodori

Obon festival is something that I never fully experienced full-hand in California, although it was definitely not because of the lack of festivities going on. Obon festival was an annual treat at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple but I felt like a transplanted mixed Japanese girl that didn’t quite belong because I didn’t understand much about Japanese culture. 1,302 more words

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