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May 24, 2013: I abandon all reason and take another day off

Looking back on my decision-making process, or lack thereof, I cannot fathom why I took another day off when I was only two days from Temple 88, the last temple of the henro. 365 more words

May 23, 2013: Henro huts reach new levels of swankiness and my farewell (for now!) visit to my favourite garden (warning: lots of flowers... again)

When I went to bed last night, I had been very excited about waking up to see the sunrise from my mountaintop inn.  It did not disappoint. 3,803 more words

May 22, 2013: Back to the mountains (yay!), or Resistance is futile: the caterpillars will win (T80-82)

Today was my last morning at Mikasa.  While I may have been missing out on the nomadic and transient aspects of being a henro, perhaps I needed the feeling of being domestic and settled in that staying there for four days provided.  5,908 more words


A short but sweet post.

So my auntie works at a Mushroom factory in Japan, I’ve never really thought about how mushrooms are grown, these mushrooms are the well known Japanese Shitake. 23 more words

Spiritual Pilgrimages

The subject of pilgrimages came up yesterday as I was watching the new PBS show called Sacred Journeys. The show follows Bruce Feiler as he travels the world on six historic pilgrimages: … 363 more words

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