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Live for Today

A lot of us live for the weekend because there’s no school, we can sleep in, have fun etc… But, I believe that we shouldn’t live for the weekend. 150 more words

Shining Bulb

This drawing is of a light bulb jumping from an ordinary lamp, to a spotlight stage lamp. The light bulb wanted to shine, so it jumped up and took its chance not letting the darkness of fear get in the way.

Art, Graphic Design

Finding Me

Nowadays, society dictates who people become. It determines what is popular in every aspect of our lives. What should I wear? What music should I listen to? 229 more words

Brave Heart update on Sendra

Sendra is battling lymphoma. She has undergone several chemo treatments. She has several doctors appointments and test every week battling to keep her white cell counts up. 144 more words


Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

Colorburst Lipgloss từ Revlon với thành phần tinh dầu hạnh nhân và vitamin E dưỡng ẩm cho môi mềm mại. Cấu trúc hạt thủy tinh siêu siêu nhỏ giúp môi sáng rạng ngời. 99 more words

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