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Hear that? Not the thunder snow that erupted over Baltimore earlier. We’re talking about the sound of empty desk chairs, silent phones, and the absence of the tap-tap-tap on keyboards. 60 more words


Shine - (Haiku)

The light of the world

Who gave all for those He loved

Shines brightly in me

This is my first whimsy girl mixed media piece. In all honesty, I loved it before I added the words and started playing with it more. 29 more words


Humer meets the frog

A young man named “humer” was hardworking. He spent his days trying his best to work hard and live a happier life. One night, he went to sleep as usual and had a dream. 113 more words


Make It Yours

Where are you God?!  That is the cry of Israel in Psalm 80.  Catastrophe has struck and, therefore, they question where God is.  Surely He is not present, or this would have never happened.   145 more words

Let it Shine

I awoke when the moon was brightest in the sky. No creature in sight awake to make any noise – the birds were asleep, the crickets gave up their evening song, and all that one could hear was the sound of the wind, that calming gentle breeze that swayed through my locks and made the little hairs on my neck stand erect. 81 more words

Golden Sky

When the sky is no more blue.. It turns gold…