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Shiner White Wing Belgian White

Shiner White Wing Belgian White

It’s a bit much with the yeast and coriander. Just a touch of orange.

Nice to have with fish.

It’s not a bad example of the style.


Band Of The Week: City Of Ships

In this quiet resurgence of artistic rock that we are currently in, a lot of previous overlooked bands (Failure, Hum, Shiner, etc) are finally getting their due and have influenced countless new bands. 107 more words

Band Of The Week

The Best Bock Beers, Period

If you’ve never had a bock (and Shiner doesn’t count. More on that later) then here’s the quick primer: “bock” is the general term that can be used to describe a number of sub-varieties, like weizenbock (wheat bock), doppelbock (double bock) or maibock (May bock). 1,145 more words



This is Shiner. He is my second dog to have rescued from a shelter. My first pup got sick and had to be put to sleep. 19 more words

Black Eye

Ahhh, the Terrible Two’s.  The age when mothers come to understand the realities of nature and develop a taste for their young.

The little tykes are learning at a more accelerated pace; the more they learn the more they want to explore.   92 more words

Family & Friends

8 Reasons Why I'm Still a Texan at Heart

I moved away from one of the best cities in the world about 2 years ago. Luckily for me, the place I moved to isn’t bad either. 360 more words



It’s days like this that make me understand that I will NEVER understand Texas weather.

How can it be so beautiful I’m able to walk around in flip flops and no sweater one day… 133 more words