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Nimaiya Targets Yhwach! Askin Defeated - Bleach 602

Bleach 602 intensifies as Askin Nakk Le Vaar’s technique is shown when Nimaiya defeats him only using his own ability and help from Kirinji. Nimaiya Oetsu targets Yhwach and he’s the next man on the list for him to battle, Yhwach gets ready to battle up next. 479 more words

Daily Anime Art

Chasing Shadows: Shinigami and the Nature of Death in Japan

I’m not one of those morbid people who spends their free time contemplating their own mortality and the futility of life. Honestly, I’m not! If you’ve been following the posts regarding my in-progress novel, … 345 more words

Chasing Shadows

Bleach 599 - Aaaaand a hole in the head means the Soul King's dead?

Oh boy. Bleach chapter 599 was a real doozy. A doozy that had my eyes wide open like this.Definitely better than this week’s chapter of Naruto which was a total snoozefest (will get to that in a little bit). 615 more words


7500: Movie Review

Over the weekend, I managed to catch up on my TBW pile and I decided on this supernatural horror from Japanese director Takashi Shimizu (who incidentally directed The Grudge Japanese trilogy). 496 more words


Run away!

Wait!  No, please don’t run away!  That was supposed to be funny…You know, and make you think of this…

Or even this:

Or, better yet, this: 575 more words


Rozdział 1

- Phantomhive.
Blondyn uniósł wzrok znad gazety, słysząc znajome nazwisko.
– Naprawdę?… Ha, nawet po nim nie spodziewałbym się czegoś podobnego!
Upił ostatni łyk piwa, zapłacił za rachunek i zaczął obserwować dyskutujących żywo mężczyzn, z których jeden wspomniał o Phantomhivie. 1,211 more words


The seven seals

Angel walked up to Sebastian and looked at him while she whispered something. It took a while for me to recall what she was doing but when I did it was to late. 228 more words