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A to Z Challenge Day 18: Ryuk (the Shinigami)

Here’s something you may not know about me: I’m a big manga fan. Growing up I was pretty big into anime, and as I got older I began to be more interested in the original manga series’ than the television shows that were made based on them. 373 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

Bleach Manga Chapter 577 Review

We begin the chapter with a DBZ sized attack heading for soul society and Bazz-B is pissed. Then again, I would be too if an ally of mine was trying to pull a kamikaze sort of attack that could potentially kill me. 172 more words

Bleach Manga Chapter 576 Review

Well Gremmy has final snapped and is actually stepping it up a bit which is quite refreshing because why not go all out against an opponent like Zaraki? 268 more words

Strange Houses

Imagine a four-level building with two houses to every floor.

On the top floor you have a family that aren’t very well-to-do, but they get by, nonetheless; they have each other and, to them, that’s all that matters. 866 more words


Bleach Manga Chapter 575 Review

This battle needs to heat up! I want Zaraki to end this so badly, I’m sick of Gremmy. When I saw the dude with the binoculars, I was like “Aizen!?…with a picnic basket?” Then I noticed he referred to Bach as his majesty so I wiped the pretend sweat drops off my forehead and continued. 268 more words

Bleach Manga Chapter 574 Review

As we begin this chapter, we are shown a few shinigami that we’ve never seen before. They looked pretty old if you asked me. I’m guessing they’re in squad 11 since they referred to Zaraki as Captain Zaraki. 204 more words