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Identical twins

La prima foto è di Diane Arbus (1967, Identical Twins), fotografa statunitense di origine russa.
Due gemelle monozigote,Cathleen e Colleen Wade, con un vestitino di velluto, che guardano verso la macchina fotografica, foto scattata durante una festa natalizia: quella di destra accenna un sorriso, quella di sinistra è triste. 421 more words


Good Thoughts

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Roald Dahl

In the midst of my depression, I sometimes see waves of good thoughts and I sometimes see glimmers of hope. 757 more words

Just My Thoughts

God's Light Shines Our Dark Places

I love my big kitchen but the lower cabinets are so dark inside that it’s really hard to find what I need. Yesterday I had hunted and hunted for a large glass lid to cover the squash I was steaming. 401 more words

And Action

Some lightwriting action shots. All images are done with long time exposure in between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Enjoy

Light Writing

Trailer Tracks: The Shining (1980) - Stanley Kubrick

Sometimes a trailer comes along that tells you next to nothing about the movie but for who’s involved, set that against a small clip of one of the most disturbing sequences in the movie, and you have yourself a unique teaser, like the one below for the Kubrick film based on Stephen King’s novel, and starring Jack Nicholson.


But now, I'm the sun.

It was beginning to get good. I was starting to feel happy again. Everything was perfect, until you decided I wasn’t. I could have have given my everything to make you stay but you’d have not cared at all. 133 more words

Guideposts & Lighthouses


Titles for those plethora of roles that we fill.

The list seems to be endless really. I fill the role of being Mom, friend, co-worker, significant other, sister, daughter, spiritual teacher, psychic medium… 961 more words