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Quick Facts - The Goddess Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto

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Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto or simply Uzume is the Shinto Goddess of myrth, revelry, dawn and dance. She is also praised as “the Heavens’ forthright female”. 227 more words

Quick Facts

Can Free Jazz Be Ritualized?


In her book Ritual Practice in Modern Japan author Satsuki Kawano shows that, rather than being obvious assumptions, there are very specific reasons that lead to the ritualization of daily activities,  as well as religious and social occasions. 2,655 more words

Godly Trees "I knew it" - video

It all makes sense, years ago, and I mean years ago, I was in the mountains surrounding Kyoto. I was staying in a ryokan, (miyamaso) small at the time, it remains the same today. 374 more words

Life Cycles

Something More: The Trinity in Lagrange and Season End Reviews

With the anime season coming to an end, it’s the usual time for wrap-up posts on the series we’ve been watching the last three months.  Most of our links this week are to reviews of full series or of recent episodes: 152 more words


Something More: Cain and Abel in Shiki, Anime in the Christian Life, and 7 Unholy Priests

I didn’t post a column last week, and what a week to skip – there were a number of provocative articles regarding anime and spirituality.  But that just means that this column, I’m including twice as much goodness! 195 more words