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Lidt glimmer er altid godt.
Billeder fra en hyggelig gåtur med shiny socks.

Sand and Pearls . . .

This lustrous 8 x 10/5 x 7 frame is decked out with some gorgeous mother of Pearl buttons against the light wood background! Just lovely! Who says you can’t enjoy sand and shells year round??

Price: 26.50



The fog is a blanket.
It embraces the moist
so the droplets land
without falling
on cold,


Sunday Science: Gulfstream Reveals its Super Top Secret New Business Jets

Rocket Science Scale: 5

So this blog is still new. I’m trying to get used to taking photos of the meals I cook for posts. And I feel that ever Saturday, I sit for a moment and go, “oh shit, I forgot to write my Sunday Science post!” and then run to my computer and start writing. 218 more words


DiY - Copper Tape Craft

A couple of quick and easy DIY’s with copper tape to add some bling to your things!

You will need:


Holloween themed event Pokemon

Shiny Gengar

For a short time, players of Pokemon X and Y can grab a rare Shiny Gengar holding a Gengarite Mega Stone. It will be held in a Dusk Ball, have a classic ribbon, and have OCT2014 as the original trainer. 240 more words


Sofa Saturday #5

I am EXHAUSTED. Ben had me awake at 6am because he thought it was a good idea to start a 6 mile hike at the crack of dawn. 246 more words