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Don't call it a boat

“I like the idea of yachting.”

And I like the idea of not being seasick.


The Sinking MV Sweol in South Korea

Recently I read a couple articles on CNN and The Huffington Post about the South Korean ferry ship that sunk last week. The MV Sewol… 1,123 more words

Ship in indian ocean

Possibly a couple weeks ago there was a ship of some sort heading towards a small Island off the Indian Ocean.
Not knowing where it was coming from or how long it departed from where it came from, is it possible that anyone of this ship may have witnessed the M370 plane?


Calendar and postcard project 2015. Part3


: 프로젝트 진행사항…

Here are some drawing from Yoon. Personally, I I really like these drawings. I hope you like it too. 20 more words


Photographs of Ships

The reverse side of these images have a stamp that reads, “NOTICE: This Photograph is sold with the following understanding that if it is for your use only and not to be Syndicated or loaned and that the following credit line must be reproduced. 28 more words

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