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The Best of Both Worlds

I don’t know which those two worlds are supposed to be–it’s one of those expressions that always mystified me, even as I’ve used it from time to time.   418 more words


Mobile Medical Clinics

Old shipping containers can be converted into low-cost, mobile medical clinics. This idea was submitted for competition by Gabrielle Palermo and three co-founders. Full story… 43 more words


Home Buying Process in Panama Pt. 5

How can buying a house take so long?  We are not getting a mortgage or buying a property tied up in some legal problem.  And we still have weeks and weeks to go. 306 more words


Innovation Is Thus Also About Reusing

Your BREAK THROUGH, Vol. 1, Post 32

I remember reading this article about reusing shipping containers for architecture a couple of years ago. The life cycle of a container intrigued me immensely, especially as you hear about more and more people from various fields and professions utilizing these as a building material. 143 more words


July 31, 2014: Resume, Cows, Shipping Containers

The "Journey to 10000 Hours" Resume
Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that 10,000 hours of practice is required to master any given skill, graphic designer Mika Aldaba has created… 98 more words

My Stack

Castle on the Horizon

Driving on a turnpike in east Kansas, coming up on a bridge, I stopped staring at the road for a sec, and looked up to the right to view the horizon… 44 more words


Inner city vertical farm concept designed using shipping containers

via Inner city vertical farm concept designed using shipping containers.

By Stu Robarts

July 22, 2014

Vertical farming and building with shipping containers have been touted as solutions to dwindling space in cities and costly construction, respectively.

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