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"Cutter X" Revisited

Photo: French Patrol Vessel, L’Adroit, DCNS photo

Almost two years ago I made a proposal for an alternative fleet mix. Since then the cutter recapitalization program has moved along. 1,635 more words


Sewol: building a safer future

The Sewol disaster has brought home to South Koreans that saving lives should involve no compromises, reports IHS Maritime’s Moyoun Jin

For South Korea, the Sewol disaster has been a bitter reminder that safety must always come first. 231 more words


The Voidboars of Kurtulmak

During the Second Unhuman War, a variety of goblinoid groups joined the scro in their attacks on the elves and their allies. One such group was a military order of kobolds affiliated with the priesthood of Kurtulmak, an extension of one of the most common found on groundling worlds such as Oerth and Toril, called the Order of the Crushed Limb. 664 more words


Singapore Builds "Cutter X"

Singapore is building a new class of patrol vessels that look very much like my proposal for “Cutter X”, trading some Webber class and some larger ships for an intermediate design, costing about half what an OPC would cost, basically putting the equipment and crew (with some augmentation) of a Webber Class into a larger more seaworthy hull, to allow them to be used for extended operation in environments that do not require the ice strengthened hull and ability to launch and recover helicopters and boats in sea state five provided by the OPC. 252 more words


C4ISR Upgrades

The Coast Guard’s Acquisitions Directorate (CG-9) is reporting that

The Coast Guard awarded a $31 million contract to Lockheed Martin Aug. 21, 2014, to purchase equipment to upgrade the electronic systems known as C4ISR – or Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance – on three National Security Cutters and at the NSC C4ISR training facility.

233 more words

One day in the life of a Torquay resident

One day in the life of a Torquay resident….in a further answer to the sarcastic reviews regarding our, ‘Torquay’s’, placing as the Trip Advisors number one seaside town. 348 more words