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One day in the life of a Torquay resident

One day in the life of a Torquay resident….in a further answer to the sarcastic reviews regarding our, ‘Torquay’s’, placing as the Trip Advisors number one seaside town. 348 more words


Knots and Knots

What does one do on a long voyage, not on one of those cruise ships that try to make you forget you are on your own at sea, but on a container ship? 744 more words


Voidjammer: Doomite Freighter

Doomite Freighter
Awesome Vehicle
HD:  124, hp 832
AC: 24, Hardness 10

Speed: As Helmsman’s Int x’s 10 in Wildspace, fly 60 ft. in a gravity well. 268 more words


Gnollean Scarab

The Gnolleans are an advanced imperial civilization of gnolls that have achieved spelljamming arcanology and seek to conquer the neighboring crystal spheres in their sector of Arcane Space. 148 more words


30mm Better Than 57mm?

The Navy has apparently made a decision I find incomprehensible. They have decided to alter the DDG-1000 design, replacing the two 57mm Mk110 mounts (the same gun on the Bertholf class and projected for the OPC) with two… 307 more words


Not (in time to love)

But yours
is not the
I want
(to win)
My ship,
my own,
is mine
And seas
may call
us both
(in time)
Our birds… 31 more words