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Seeking solutions

IHS Maritime’s Lisa Maher caught up with three of the newest faces at CEDA’s Environmental
Committee (CEC) and asked them why participation is so important and what it can achieve…
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Bribery runs deep

IHS Maritime’s Richard Clayton looks at the problem of corruption in the maritime industry

Everyone agrees bribery is wrong,” former UK Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke wrote in his… 305 more words


Shipbreakers feel the squeeze

IHS Maritime’s Girija Shettar looks at how South Asia’s recyclers are refusing to stop beaching and
are planning a global strategy to fight negative publicity…
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Addressing unprofitability

IHS Maritime chief analyst Richard Clayton explains how container shipping has changed the world

Yet very few liner companies can claim to have been profitable for more than a year or two since Malcom… 389 more words


Championing the beneficial use of dredged sediment

In the UK, the potential contributions of dredged sediment to the coastal environment are attracting
rising interest

Dredged material is increasingly recognised as a valuable resource that can provide significant environmental… 272 more words