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Sous Le Sable (2000) - Everyone Needs a Little Cup of Stars

There are few situations to which the opening lines of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House are not pressingly germane:

No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality.

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So, How Was Your Day?

My day was GREAT, because the New Yorker just posted a never-before-published story by Shirley Jackson, my very favorite author, and I’m super psyched to read it. 116 more words

Black Cats and Mean Village Neighbors

“There were sparkles at the sink where a drop of water was swelling to fall. Perhaps if I held my breath until the drop fell Charles would go away, but I knew that was not true; holding my breath was too easy.”

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Black Cats

Wednesday Digest, 4/16

There’s no narrow focus for today’s update.  Instead I have a bevy of options available for you; more thoughts on Dominions 3, a brief glance at Knights of Pen and Paper +1, a few words on Shirley Jackson, and just a tidbit on The World’s End. 579 more words


Office Perk

Yesterday was some hard yards. Today’s sledding wasn’t any easier. As I manned what seemed a sinking endeavor, a colleague with whom I don’t normally interact stopped at my door bearing a gift: Penguin’s… 182 more words

The Jackson Witch

  In tribute to Shirley Jackson’s story “The Witch”.

  “That simply will not do, Jeffrey,” Prudence said.
Jeffrey reluctantly placed the toy car back on the shelves and stared at the floor while his mother double-checked her grocery list. 1,896 more words


Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson

There seems to be a rule that “popular” writers are disdained by critics, if not in their lifetime then shortly after they die. After a few decades, if they’re lucky, some influential critics says, in effect, “Although I’m not supposed to like it, this writer was actually pretty good.” The next thing you know, critics hail the dead writer as a forgotten master of the written word. 368 more words