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Get android screen resolution

I need the code to get android screen resolution in API 10+

I am using monogame android

using Android.App;
_ScreenWidth = Resources.DisplayMetrics.WidthPixels;

This code only works in… 28 more words

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Shiro, Belfast

This photo of Shiro is courtesy of TripAdvisor

When a bar proudly shouts from its website about “hand cut ice”, I’m fairly certain I’m not going to like it. 231 more words

Northern Ireland

Christmas Crafts - Shiro DIY lipgloss

So Christmas is coming, and I, like everyone else am poor as anything and looking for ways to make inventive, awesome christmas present for my family. 108 more words

Eye of the Day - Shiro's Hobbit Collection part 1

So I have been reflecting on my huge indie makeup collection and been trying to reign myself in a little bit, so I started looking through my very first indie eyeshadow collection, Shiro’s Hobbit collection. 285 more words

C# Handle Event

I am trying to make sort of a library and i am trying to grasp how can i implement it they way i want.
I created a minimalist example to show you what i am trying to do. 208 more words

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C# Monogame & Farseer Physics: Collisions

I am a begginer. I am using Monogame and Farseer Physics Library in C#. (latest versions)

In my game, whenever my ball (circle) hits the… 232 more words

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