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Tips & Tricks Tuesday #3.

Shirts dresses are all the rage this season so keeping that collar super straight is a must. Thats where our life hack numero 3 comes in. 48 more words


Treasure of the Day

WeWoreWhat’s blogger Danielle Bernstein premiered her “newborn” that was conceived together with The Vintage Twin. And they made one cool baby here!

Being Awesome (to Yourself)


You can never go wrong with the white shirt, I don’t think. It’s so easy to style and always gives one a classic look. I honestly almost always buy a white shirt every season, just cos I wear them a lot. 27 more words

Stripes and Flowers

I recently made an order on Zara: they were having an amazing sale when I was in Mexico, and I was so happy they also had a sale in the US too. 119 more words


Sponge painted shirts

I started by cutting the designs the kids picked out of freezer paper and ironing it onto 2 of the shirts from Dollar Tree.

Yes this is a copy of the same Browning heart I did for a contact paper stencil enlarged. 46 more words


Are You Going To Get That?

This seems especially relevant with the tax-free sales holiday and Back-To-School in full swing, but we have a friend named Vee who had the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard happen to her at Ross the other day. 98 more words