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Emun Elliott shirtless in Labyrinth 1-01 "Part 1"

Emun Elliott plays Guilhem du Mas who is married to one of the main characters but is sleeping with her sister who is one of the bad guys.


James Franco Takes Shirtless Selfie In Bed With Keegan Allen [PIC]

James Franco knows how to get people talking! Today he’s shirtless and in a bed with ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Keegan Allen! Check out the pic… 39 more words


Sebastian Spence shirtless in Category 7: The End Of The World Part One

Wasn’t really expecting a hot shirtless scene in a SyFy telemovie. The scene of him weightlifting is pretty gratuitous but who is complaining. Actually my only complaint is that some of the other hot cast members didn’t join in especially David Alpay.


Jared Daperis shirtless in Underbelly: Squizzy 6-05 "Squizzy Tempts Fate"

While Jared’s body is bloody beautiful sadly we don’t get to see more of it between the three different sex scenes in this episode.


Jay Rodan and Chucky Venice shirtless in Footballer's Wives 5-05 "Episode 5"

Tremaine and Liberty have their Egyptian themed wedding, Tanya only has eyes for Paulo (Jay Rodan) but he Mummy issues.


Eddie Redmayne shirtless in Birdsong Part 1

Eddie Redmayne may not be classically handsome but he sure is hot, both as a soldier and a lover.


Matthew Le Nevez shirtless in Offspring 4-05 "Episode 5"

We get some shirtless action with Patrick talking to his baby who is still in the womb.