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The Devastating Effects Hulkamania Can Have On A Modern Family

Everyone has seen how Hulk Hogan destroys his opponents in the ring. This is largely down to the fact that he suffers from Hulkamania. What most people don’t know is that Hulkamania is a degenerative brain condition that makes the sufferer behave in a number of ways. 428 more words

Dumb Shit

On writing and mild hatred or #thingsthatsuck

Forgive me for I have hated…

Since I began Gods of Advertising almost a decade ago (!), I’ve carefully avoided demonstrating hatred of any kind to persons, places or things. 583 more words

Do you poo?

How often…have you ever stopped and thought about how many meals on the average you eat a day, and how many times you go number 2? 572 more words

SIT AND CRY - Sheer Mag

Philly-based group, Sheer Mag hit power-pop gold on this one. “SIT AND CRY” is an oddly comforting tale of a young kid living in the middle of a city, with no particular motive or reason. 126 more words

this is it and i don't know what to do

so i find myself writing about long distance relationships. I’m not here talking about how I’ve been in one and all the amazing aspects of it. 765 more words

And so the Lord said: "write about shit."

I asked myself this morning, when I first decided I was going to make this blog: “But Zoe, what are you going to write about?” and as per usual with difficult decisions I pushed it to the back of my mind and continued on with my plan like I hadn’t hit a potential obstacle. 304 more words