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Review of Depression Quest for PC -- The Worst Game Ever?

While the attempt at making a game that simulates depression in earnest serves as a valiant effort, the product and fruit of the developer’s labor is one of the most abysmal games I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing. 200 more words


RIP Headband (iPhone, kindle and sunglasses...)

It was total impulse.

I watched my kindle slide in slow motion off the starboard side cockpit lounge cushion, bounce off the deck and skip into the water. 837 more words


Twerk Tuesdays

If you are easily offended, you should probably not read this post.  Just click away…

Today’s twerk tuesday will be about the subject of swearing. 472 more words


Dirty Vs. Clean Material

This is a much more contentious topic then a lot of people realize because there is a pretty great divide between people who write “clean” comedy to people who write “dirty” comedy.   835 more words


Shit Youtubers Say

“Let me know in the comments below what you think of _______”

“What’s your favourite ______? Comment down below”

“You like oranges? Comment down below if you do!” 279 more words

Cuckoo - what an amazingly boring urban fantasy... what do you mean it's realism?

Last week in a class we watched the pilot of a show called Cuckoo, which I took exception to. It’s a British show, which has actually been going a whole season (how this happens is beyond me) about a fairly regular, but not conservative, British couple whose daughter comes back from a gap year of travelling and has gotten married to the least believable being to ever exist, apparently. 307 more words