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I literally just shit myself.
At my best friend’s house.
How does that even happen?
At least we’re close enough that I could just be like, “Yo. 31 more words

First blog post

I’m too old for this shit

I have realised over the past few months that my buzz phrase of the moment is “I’m too old for this shit!” It’s either that or “I’m not drunk enough for this shit!” I was at a Macklemore gig the other week and I heard myself say this… not in my head… but out loud along with my other 30-something year old mates as we surveyed the big field we were in and judged everyone. 77 more words


Tim ferris show is shit

…really shit.

I even forgot the name. But really… I hope they discontinued it because it was a joke.

He is so awkward it’s uncomfortable to watch. 16 more words

The Poo Pond Song

Military Videos of the World – The Poo Pond Song.

Fond memories of Kandahar Air Field Music and video by Jimmy Moreland For those of us including myself who have been there you will surely appreciate this good old country song

Military Videos

The Will

For this weeks blog, I didn’t know what to call it.  I don’t think “The Will” is a good representation of what I wanted to talk about, but by the end it may turn out like that so let’s see where this takes us. 559 more words


Don't Shit where you eat... Seriously, just dont do it.

Living in the pockets of 200+ people in a college environment has its perks, but then it also has some pretty bad fucking downfalls. And by fucking downfalls, I mean fucking downfalls. 233 more words


Entrepreneurs. From a 16 year old's perspective.

Youngsters, such as myself, have a different understanding and interpretation when it comes to the working world. Yes we’re young, but we are also technologically capable, unlike the older (ancient ;) ) generation. 155 more words