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Bird By Bird Book Review

There are a lot of books on writing. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. It’s downright confusing.

I’ve read many books on writing. 143 more words


Blog #1: The Inevitable HW

SOOO, I’m kinda late with the first homework assignment, (blog post) because I wasn’t sure how to respond for “Shitty First Drafts”, but I’m gonna give this a go, so stay with me. 405 more words

Word Vomit

Reading this passage by Anne Lamott made me feel a lot better about writing. I always feel like everyone around me has everything figured out. A teacher will tell a class to think about a passage and try to relate it to something in your life and just write. 391 more words

Why I Write

Ask any person who is creative (art, dance, music, writing, etc) and they will tell you that it is not for the potential of fame and fortune (as gratifying as it is, if it comes to pass), but it is for pure self expression. 160 more words


Scraping the Bottom

Yesterday, I battled my way to the end of draft 1 of ‘Eldritch’. Today, however, I’m wondering why I bothered.

You might ask ‘Why? Surely it’s good to have reached the end of another first draft?’ 1,049 more words

Writing News

Flash Fiction Challenge: Week 31 - ish

Still in a bit of a writing funk, but pressing through it. It’s amazing how getting off track once throws me out of sync so bad. 920 more words