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Two screens, 2 drafts! Voila! And Scrivener!!!

I think a common question among us first-time-novelists is something like, “How do I transform this mound of sludge into a novel?” In other words, how do we edit? 445 more words


New Stories In the Hopper: "Little French"

Thinking I’ll periodically show you a smidge of what I’m working on. See what you think. First up, “Little French.” No idea where this is going.  1,208 more words

First Drafts

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today’s HW: 

1) Read Shitty First Drafts by Anne Lamott.

a) On separate lined paper, write down/label the thesis in the article.

b) Find a quote in this article, and write about it. 1,772 more words

Here We Go Again: The Dreaded Revision

I am currently in the middle of some major revisions. In fact, I’ve been doing almost nothing but revisions for the last few months, first short stories to submit to the Dell Award and now my small-child magician novel. 1,064 more words


Stream of Consciousness: The Human Being as a Draft

Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” included her personal recognition of her battles when she sat down to write. Sometimes, I wish I had a typewriter just for that purpose. 768 more words


Writing and Masochism

Sometimes, I go through phases that make me feel like everything I write sucks.   As you might imagine, this isn’t great for productivity.  To top it all off, artistic self-loathing also makes it really difficult for me to accurately assess my own work.   807 more words

They say only the good die young, but Tara wasn’t good.

(I’ve decided to make the prompt the title. Makes it significantly easier for me to keep track of!)


I hate when people talk about how parents should never have to bury their children. 815 more words

365 Day Challenge