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First Drafts: Just Face It, They Suck

I had every intention of making a post about just what the title says…for about 10 seconds. I gave up on this idea because as I was walking mapping out what I would say in my head I realized, nothing I would write for you could ever have the perfection or hit the mark nearly as well as the glorious little piece by Anne Lamott, so I implore you to read this piece about first drafts that I honestly don’t believe anyone can top. 33 more words


(500) likes in summer

So apparently today I got a little achievement for getting 500 likes on this blog. Thanks guys! I find it hard to believe that anybody even follows this blog (and I know a lot of the blogs that do follow me don’t actually  445 more words


Anne Lamott - Writing Quote Wednesday

Anyone else having trouble just writing and not editing as you go?

I tend to go back and start fixing things right away, because I can’t seem to let the words just sit there on the page. 108 more words

Writing Quote Wednesday

Your First Draft Will Suck (And That's Okay!)

A while back, I wrote about the legendary writing myth, “your first novel will suck.” As I explain in the article, I strongly disagree with this claim. 820 more words