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Today, I am a shitty person.

My apartment in Miami has a sign on each balcony “strongly urging” tenants to close sliding doors and windows and leave the AC on 72 degrees “at all times.” Personally, I like the AC off during the day and at antarctic temperatures while I sleep. 392 more words

These things disgust me

It is November 26, 2014. I bring that up for a reason. Below is a screen capture of a image that just came across my Facebook page; note the date, then note the caption and the amount of shares it has received so far. 436 more words

Child Needs A Hundred Likes


Copious amounts of horse shit have been lunged my way and it fucking stinks! BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way, I suppose…..

The countdown begins before my big move back to Las Vegas; T-minus thirty six hours. 283 more words