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Fühlt sich so an wie’s klingt!


Ein Gerücht geht um in der Stadt an diesem Samstagabend, jeder hat es irgendwoher gehört, keiner glaubt es so richtig, insgeheim hoffen alle, dass es am Ende wahr ist: 517 more words

Blu-ray Review: Shivers (1975)

Distributor: Arrow Video

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: David Cronenberg

Starring: Paul Hampton, Lynn Lowry, Joe Silver, Barbara Steele, Susan Petrie

Looking back at the early works of an auteur is like going back through the back catalogue of a band with a considerable history; you have your favourite works, the works that are considered ‘the classics’ and usually some stuff that just doesn’t cut it, but when it comes to looking back at director David Cronenberg’s catalogue of movies it’s quite pleasing that there is a fairly consistent level of quality, especially when you compare his output to that of his contemporaries like Wes Craven or Tobe Hooper. 651 more words


Blu-ray Review – Shivers (1975)

Genre: Horror
Certificate: 18
UK Release Date: 13th October 2014
Runtime: 87 minutes
Director: David Cronenberg
Writer: David Cronenberg
Starring: Paul Hampton, Lynn Lowry, Fred Doederlin, Barbara Steele … 564 more words

Rating: Pop

Shivers, Slaps and Silence

Sandra and I lost contact years ago. Changing family lives, different partners, other jobs, and maybe a feeling that despite all we had shared, it was better we stayed away from each other. 461 more words

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Top 5: David Cronenberg


It might seem rather trite to call David Cronenberg a “horror director”, though I think people’s reluctance to pigeonhole him as such says more about their lack of respect for horror as a genre than it does about Cronenberg’s ouevre. 771 more words


Rabid (1977)

This is the raw, gruesome, and disturbing Cronenberg I love. RABID is one of David Cronenberg’s body horror masterpieces (along with SHIVERS, THE BROOD, VIDEODROME, and THE FLY). 670 more words

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