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One finger~

traces a line along

the inside of my wrist,

sending a shiver

up my spine

as your eyes meet mine.

©annettealaine 2014


I want to fall asleep

My little eyes are at half staff. That’s usually a very clear sign to anyone who knows me well that I’m tired. It’s a pretty day. 473 more words

What's Yo' Beef #30

30 posts! Woot!

My beef is the following:

I HATE the sound of ripping plastic casing off cardboard, also that usually the outer layer of cardboard comes off and then there’s still that rough shit that gives me the shivers you have to poke through. 26 more words


This Book was give to Sarah Jacobs.

Sarah Henderson Jacobs Silver left two Bibles. One, a gift from her second husband, Rev. Joseph Silver, had originally belonged to his first wife, Felicia Hawkins Silver. 587 more words

North Carolina