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Ever wonder how I got my title The Cobbler's Daughter?

The answer’s more involved than my father working as a shoe repair man. When I watched my father stand over the last, his face less than a foot from his work, he concentrated deeply. 189 more words


Remember... A poem about Dora written in Clay Cross #WW1 #LestWeForget

This was written in a workshop with Emma Pass at Clay Cross – our last session. It had been brewing for a while, though I’m not sure I yet have all my facts. 177 more words

Sneak Peek Into My Work in Progress

HAZEL STREET – From Chapter One of the memoir The Cobbler’s Daughter

Click. I wake to the sound of the light switch. I sit up, look out the hallway windows and see it’s still dark. 256 more words


getting acquainted with xujiahui

I’ve been sick the last couple days I think due to travel, partying, and the stress of moving/more newness. I’d just started getting “used to” Songjiang and the idea of yet another new neighborhood/life in Shanghai was making me anxious and feel stressed. 566 more words