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FIR (First Impression Review): adidas adizero Adios Boost

Hello, and welcome to a new feature on Once A Runner, Always A Runner that I’m calling FIR posts, a.k.a. First Impression Review.  I’ve been very fortunate in receiving shoes every now and then for review purposes, allowing me to take some time and put in some miles on various terrain, at different paces, etc.   573 more words


My Beautiful Shoes

So this has been a really long time coming, but it’s kind of tough for me. I’ve been in the Phase for a while, so I have nothing much new to say. 792 more words


Newton BoCo AT Review

What can I say, I’m a Newton fan.  I credit switching to Newtons and consciously paying attention to my foot strike as a major contributor to me becoming somewhat of a runner.  582 more words


Adidas Energy Boost 2 Shoe Review

First Impression (April 2014)

I like the Energy Boost 2 more than the Boost because the toe box is a little wider. The fabric on top is still comfortable and feels almost like a sock. 235 more words


I did't win with the Do-Win... My Olympic Weightlifting Shoe Review

When I started my Olympic Weightlifting journey I borrowed a pair of lifting shoes from the Barbell Club. I started lifting in a used pair of Pendlay Do-Win’s. 395 more words

Rooted in Style (and Love): The Root Collective review

Hey y’all! Are you ready for Spring? It’s FINALLY in the air… I don’t know how long it’ll stay, but I’m busting out my peep toe… 1,256 more words

Shoe Week, Day 1: Newton Motion III

Sometimes a shoe comes along that completely changes the way you think about your running.  I had thought for quite a few years that I had perfected the art of the mid-foot strike.   2,953 more words