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It's Time

It’s time to let go. I am sure that I am not the only one who has kept shoeboxes hidden in their closets filled with momentos of past lovers. 1,004 more words


Weather forecast for shoeboxes: Stormy with a likelihood of flood!

According to a ST report today, owners of shoebox apartments outside of the city centre may be in for a fix next year. This is because of the 53,900 new condo units expected to come onstream within the next 30 months, most will be small or shoebox apartments with a floor area of up to 506sqft. 565 more words


Treasures From My Shoebox and From My Shoe

From age eight through twelve, I was crazy about baseball cards. Sometimes I would go down to Mel’s Candy Store and buy a pack of ten baseball cards that came with a slab of bubble gum that was very crumbly. 1,459 more words

The smaller the unit, the cheaper the rent? Not necessary so!

Rental for shoebox units are not necessarily cheaper than small apartments (i.e. those above 500sqft) within the same development. This is according to rental data from URA. 234 more words