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Death Of The Sailor Scouts: My Impressions On The Last Two Episodes Of Season One Of The Uncut Sailor Moon Anime

The conclusion to the first season of the uncut Sailor Moon aired last Monday through streaming services Hulu and Neon Alley. Being able to see the last two episodes fully intact and how it should have aired in North America when… 1,920 more words


Me and My Brothers

Story and art by: Hari Tokeino. The series consists of 11 volumes.

Sakura is 14 and after losing her parents when she was 3 she has now lost her grandmother, leaving her alone. 214 more words


My little Monster

By Robico, this shojo anime was aired Oct. 1st to Dec 24th 2012.

This series focuses on the relationship between Shizuku Mizutani, and Haru Yoshida. Shizuku’s only interest is in studying for the future so she can get a good job with good pay. 127 more words


Say "I Love You."

“Say “I love you'” by Kanae Hazuki is a romance comedy slice of life shojo manga and Anime. The anime adaptation aired between Oct. 6th and Dec. 173 more words


30th Matsuyama Shimin Noh 2014 - Midare

This year the Matsuyama Shimin Noh celebrates its 30th anniversary! On November 3rd 2014 Udaka Tatsushige, Michishige’s elder son, will perform the Noh Midare… 521 more words


Western perspectives on OHSHC

Western perspective of Ouran High School Host Club is varied. Many forums and comment sections on the topic of anime, particularly for first time viewers of anime carry the same attitude “don’t start watching anime with Ouran High School Host Club”; reason being that you’re going to be watching this brilliant but weird show that just won’t make sense to you yet. 337 more words