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Itazura Na Kiss/Mischievous Kiss Review!

Konichiwa, fellow otakus!

Have you ever seen the anime Itazura Na Kiss? Or maybe you’ve seen one the live actions, Mischievous Kiss or Playfull Kiss, instead? 578 more words


パタリロ! (Patalliro!) - A classic, crazy manga series

I recently had the opportunity to read through a few issues of the classic Manga series “Patalliro!”, created by Mineo Maya (魔夜峰央) and published by Hakusensha (白泉社). 413 more words


Spotlight on New Publications - The Hysterical Subject of Shojo

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is easily one of, if not the most memorable – and influential – anime series to run on Japanese television and expand outside Japan – in recent years. 419 more words

Book Chapters

33. Shit You Might Want to Know #1 - Demographics vs. Genres

I had initially intended to title today’s post “Shit You Should Already Know,” but it occurred to me that some may be coming to this post out of simple curiosity and not because their particularly strange assumptions need to be corrected.   2,373 more words


Job Fortune Telling ~

Remember when I had that plan to do one translation project a month? Yeah…I forgot about that one too ~ Well, let’s not look at the failings of the past but rather on the successes in the future (translation: I did a thing finally so let’s just focus on that hur hur). 651 more words


Bon Appetit

(wrote this post like two weeks ago but I’m too lazy to update the intro part so…enjoy hur hur)

This past Friday I made a stop at Kino to pick up some mags and buy a friend’s b-day present. 869 more words


Arisa アリサ

Looking for shojo that the main character is not in a romance you may want to try Arisa アリサ by ANDOU Natsumi 安藤なつみ.  This manga is published by Kodansha and is a mystery manga about twins.  51 more words

Seattle Kifujin