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Manga Reviewed: The Wallflower

Title: The Wallflower
Author: Tomoko Hayakawa
Summary: Four pretty boys have to turn a horror-loving girl into a perfect lady
Gut reaction: shallow but fun… 103 more words

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manga/anime/live action, etc. - why doesn't anyone understand basic physics?

This classic move could actually turn into a great gag(s) – but it’s always used seriously (at least when I’ve seen it). 

There is a fight/training – usually swords, sometimes spears or other weapons and usually one is a ninja/master/etc.  225 more words

Seattle Kifujin

Warm Things - Natsume's Book of Friends

“We all like hearts that seek something dear – and burn with life.”

Manga Title: Natsume Yuujinchou
Mangaka: Yuki Midorikawa
Genres: Drama, Supernatural
Demographic: Shojo… 734 more words


My Little Monster

Type: Humans are the only animal that go to war, whose the real monster?

Synopsis: A girl with dreams and ambition meets a boy with slight manic tendencies, and the two fall in love. 364 more words


Manga: Kitchen Princess

This manga surprised me as I was expecting a silly story with a silly protagonist, but only the latter is kinda true. The story has its share of darker themes hiding behind the shoujo art and the seemingly lighthearted plot. 525 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal: First Impressions About The First Episode

The month of July has arrived which means the new anime reboot of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal, has also made its debut online over the Fourth of July weekend. 1,013 more words


Manhwa: Boarding House of Hunks

If I were to describe this in a word, it would be boring. If it were to words, boring and no-chemistry (can I say that’s a word or are they two?). 516 more words