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Police Murders Dems Fault?

The term “despicable act” found a new low today as the heinous murder of two New York City police officers was politicized by members of the Right Wing. 105 more words


New Star Citizen trailer lands

A new trailer for Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen hit YouTube yesterday, and shows what the game’s more than $50 million in crowd funding have been spent on: on-foot gameplay including shooting, detailed planets and other environments, what looks like the capacity to land on said planets and explore, and more. 7 more words

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Lucky Tsotsi - Darlinghurst

A friend of mine has been absolutely raving about how good this place is and so we recently went there for her birthday. The restaurant is along Oxford St in Darlinghurst near Notre Dame university. 724 more words


One year of Day Z celebrated with detailed dev roadmap

It’s been a year since Day Z Standalone landed on Steam, and in that year we’ve seen the game updated from Arma-with-zombies to a game where you can eat your friends when they die from licking batteries… with zombies. 116 more words

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GTA Online heists info and trailer -- still no date

After a looong wait, we finally have concrete info on GTA Online’s heists. The news came via Rockstar’s Newswire, and includes a trailer that shows as much craziness as you have probably imagined — rocket-launchers, fighter jets, and all. 76 more words

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Big Frosty-Dudes: a comprehensive analysis

Throughout my exploration of adventure games and other shooters, I noticed an odd pattern with the enemies the player is faced with. There’s the normal enemies; they just have guns and try to shoot you. 1,120 more words

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Elite: Dangerous official launch yields new trailers

With less than two weeks until the official launch of massive space sim Elite: Dangerous, a selection of new trailers have begun to show up online — from a launch trailer, to… 34 more words

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