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Love, star and a quiet night with lights

A love message from my friend Hannah.
A shooting star.
Walking down to the waterfront to see the Lux light festival and it was so still. 15 more words

My shooting star

Sometimes we see what we want to see. few months ago I thought I saw a shooting star tonight a very similar light shone across the night sky unfortunately this time it was slower with the extra time i could now see it was a low flying plane lights flashing. 278 more words


After You Let Go

What Would I Do

If I was a stone
and you suddenly come by
pick me up and skip me
across the surface
of a long clear pond? 32 more words



Is there a chance possibly that God cares about you?

Six-sextillion tons of earth revolving, oh yes, it is true!

At a thousand miles an hour, just how did they figure that out? 232 more words



Got photobombed by a shooting star. Shot in Cedarville Michigan.


2EYES – Shooting Star

Simjangi eomneun roboteucheoreom
Teon bin gaseumi oerowojil ttaega isseo
Kkeuteobsi uljeokhae bamsae nolado
Haengbokhaji anheul ttae Malhaejwo amugeotdo anirago
Haega tteugi jeonira 294 more words
Color Coded Lyrics

After the Peak: How Long Does a Meteor Shower Last?

I had a question on Twitter today asking whether it was worth while looking out for any Perseid meteors tonight after the shower peaked yesterday. ( 285 more words