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Monument Valley Milky Way

The Milky Way stretches above Monument Valley in Arizona.



As I looked up at the Milky Way I suddenly realized I was sideways to the galactic plane and briefly lost my balance – I saw two shooting stars in quick succession and wondered if I was the only person on Earth to have seen them – then I farted so loud it set the dogs off, and I went back inside.



Here is a shot taken at Lake Alexandrina on the very last morning.

Rob and I had done a mad dash to Kea Point at Mt Cook late the night before for some epic astro work and had got back to the campsite at Lake Tekapo pretty late. 113 more words

Some Music Videos That Move Me, Motivate Me, And Make Me A Better Person

Something a little different today. Here are a handful of music videos that have a large impact on me. Music is a powerful medium and I am grateful for the inherent message in each of these videos. 97 more words


I need a sign. A sign that I shouldn’t give up hope. A shooting star. Something. Anything!!

I’m not giving up on you. I don’t even care about other guys. 61 more words


But I believe there is a reason that I am still holding on

Under all the heartache and bitterness, there is hope. Hope that this will all pay off someday. Hope that you think I really am special or different. 105 more words