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Shooting Stars

Stop waiting around for a shooting star and go make your own, so you can really be sure your wishes come true.


Starry Remembrance

Tonight I spotted a tiny star

All alone and twinkling so far

In the black and moonless night

It sure stood out shining so bright… 69 more words

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Once Upon A Piolo

Makes you take a look back even in a throwback. Piolo Pascual, acting against a green screen, in one of three commercials he did for us back in 2007.

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Skipping Stones

Who else saw that amazing shooting star last night?  It splintered into more than one at the very end and then was done hardly before my mind registered it.   284 more words


Allah's arsenal against devils: The Quran thinks stars are missiles

I’ve already written about the bible not understanding what stars are, so I’m not going to harp on that. This is a post to highlight the hilarious scientific ignorance about stars in the Quran. 322 more words


Dancing on the Beach

I refuse to let Juliette aka Vampire Maman go. As such, she’s going to tell you another story. . .

A story from Juliette Kings aka Vampire Maman (vampiremaman.com) 1,746 more words