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The Wish

I. When I Used To Wished

I used to count airplanes with you
believing that once it reach a hundred
my wish will be granted… 293 more words


no matter where you are...

these words I write for you
one day when winds blow out
this candle flickering high and low
perhaps their meaning shall suddenly dawn
don’t mourn for the shooting star… 14 more words


I failed the Perseids this year

I failed the Perseids this year.  You know, the meteor shower.  It’s a test to check your patience, stamina, and ability to look up.

I’m not bitter. 319 more words

You & Me

About the Perseids meteors and the Pleiades open cluster...

As you may know, the last 2 days the Earth has been bombed by dust grains and boulders. These are remnants from the dust tail of a 26km tall comet which flies by every 130 years or so. 549 more words


Perseid Meteor Shower!

I love stargazing, and one of the great treats for any stargazer is a meteor shower.  Peaking late tonight and early tomorrow morning, the Perseids are one of the most reliable meteor showers, and they occur at a time of year when the weather is generally most conducive to sitting outside and watching.  822 more words


On the back of a piece of paper

Find difficult to throw things away but occasionally try and come across stuff and found this on back of piece of paper about to throw away… 121 more words

Natural Healing

Shooting Stars and Twilight

Oh I am so excited at the moment. I just remembered that it is shooting star time again (: or meteor showers as more sophisticated, unromantic people would call it. 338 more words

In Between Thoughts