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Justin Bourque: Terrorism charges were once pondered against man who shot dead three Mounties

After a judge sentenced Justin Bourque to a life sentence for a shooting rampage that killed three Mounties and wounded two others in New Brunswick, the RCMP revealed for the first time Friday that terrorism charges had been contemplated in the case. 604 more words


6 Wounded In Citywide Shootings On Thursday

CHICAGO (STMW) – At least six people were wounded in shootings across the city Thursday.

Most recently, a man was shot in the left foot in the Pilsen neighborhood. 310 more words


Plano Restaurant Shooting

Not a major event compared to rocket explosions and school shootings, but the restaurant shooting tonight was nearby and is similar to the charts for the recent… 208 more words


Canada Parliament Shootings: TV coverage

On the 22nd of October, the day when the story started, CNN was broadcasting it live on TV.

The screen was snapped into two parts. Both parts shifed from one different camera to another, showing us two different angles at the same time, as well as the atmosphere there. 196 more words


Police investigate bullet hole in west end garage door

Ottawa police Guns and Gangs unit is investigating after a bullet hole was found in theĀ garage door of a house on Riga Private in the city’s west end. 104 more words

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A shooting threat - at our high school today

Halloween is almost here so…

I’d seriously planned, and still do, to post a story about my usually collection of Vampire friends and musings, but right now I have to talk about high school and what is happening today. 476 more words


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Update: The 14 year old girl who make the threat to the school confessed. It was a joke to get the day off. She was then arrested and taken away from her school, her family and friends and put in juvenile hall. She was also expelled from the school. A joke that caused so much panic and no doubt will ruin the life of this middle class girl. I can't imagine the horror she will have this Halloween in jail. It is sad. Very sad. PLEASE talk to your kids about consequences. Too many kids are clueless about the grave consequences of their actions. Even a small joke can turn serious and dangerous. A confession won't get you a "get out of jail free" card. Tell your teens to THINK and remember cautionary tales such as this one. It is just sad and unfortunate all the way around. Wanting a day off from school ruined a life. It isn't worth it.