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Some interesting facts on Malls from around the World

In an attempt to find the first example of a Shopping Mall we look to Ancient Rome, where people gathered to purchase/trade consumables and therefore shopping markets were located. 471 more words


Why Retailers need to use technology for transformational positive change.

The Retailers understand customer buying behaviour’s and leverage technology to best fit the customer shopping experience, while staying focused on the unique key benefits they offer their customers will have the opportunity to excel in their retail sector. 363 more words


Are Storefront Windows becoming an eyesore from clutter?

The way, in which modern society as a whole seems to be heading is towards a minimalistic approach to how they choose to live their lives, choosing rather to have a few quality items as opposed to a quantity of clutter. 428 more words


Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

Yes, they are.

From a shop window in Yafo.

Soon, very soon...

Waiting will be over very soon…
Taken on March, 20 2014 with Canon Powershot SX50 HS in Maastricht, The Netherlands