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....there were folks hanging out of the windows......

People had gathered to watch what was going to happen next…I found out it was the Sand lady who had been sat inside…Well, she was on the move in the precinct, and everyone wanted to see what she was going to do with the bedsheets and what looked like bags of something heavy that were laid at the bottom of the sheets. 56 more words

Kingshurst Arts Space

..on the way back...

What I hadn’t noticed was this figure sat in the smoke…the door was open and there were some youngsters sat around the room waiting for something to happen. 79 more words

Kingshurst Arts Space

...and had a quick look......

There was a group of youngsters looking through the window of Kingshurst Arts Space so I went to have a look too…..fat lot of good that did, as I couldn’t see much except for some fog and a few chairs lined up against the wall. 27 more words

Kingshurst Arts Space

"I only went out for some tea bags..."

Saturday 27 September, a quiet start to the day as I went for some groceries to my local Shopping Parade in Kingshurst…..turned the corner and saw bedsheets strung across from post to post……didn’t expect that. 32 more words

Kingshurst Arts Space

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War is over if you want it

Nothing need to be ugly


Brain Worms

Get inspired and try something new

Walking in a bookstore still gives the feeling of excitement and the smell of a new book is always inspiring.

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