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We were sad today

Today we were coming out of work, riding in and driving taxis, going in and out of the coffee shop, up and down the stairs, at the corner of 8th Avenue and 15th Street. 313 more words


Where There's Smoke There's Fire

The Redding area has seen a spate of homeless-caused fires this year. Highway 273 at the Clear Creek Bridge has been hit particularly hard due to the  extensive warren of transient camps along Clear Creek. 132 more words


What abandoned shopping carts tell us

They dot the sides of roads most often near the main shopping centers such as Union Landing, the International Four Corners, or Decoto. Most often they sit empty but on a few occasions, I’ve seen them filled with groceries and people pushing them towards their enclosed neighborhoods only to take their bags out and walk the rest of the way to their home, leaving the wired frame a small reminder of the suburban experiment’s failings. 661 more words

Union City

Somebody Else's Grocery List

I swear this is true.  You think I make this stuff up?  I’m not that smart.  Read on…

I went to my local supermarket over the weekend.   333 more words

Shopping carts Solución o alternativa

http://www.upatlanta.con”>www.upatlanta.con creo una solución para marcar presencia en las tiendas Hispanas del este y hacer que tu producto sobresalga en el último lugar donde aún puedes influir en el proceso de la compra. 96 more words

Money for Nothin' and Your Carts for Free

What does it take to become a person who does this to a river? What does it say about the town that allows its prize natural resource to be destroyed… by a handful of people who contribute nothing to the community? 28 more words