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Attention Shoppers: There are Shopping Cart Corrals for a Reason (GASP!)...

There are two types of people in the world: Those that return their shopping carts to the cart corral and those that don’t!

Call me crazy but I’m a bit old fashioned-in that, I believe in common courtesy. 362 more words


The Turkey

As it happens the turkey is not a very complex bird To be as kind as I can it is not very smart So I think it good to put it in a program like head start  before we put one in our roasting pan  or toss one into our shopping cart

Head Start

When Four Steps Is Too Far To Walk, You May Receive This Haiku On Your Windshield

Note: I’m kind of slammed this week, so this is a Throwback Thursday post, with an update at the end.

Hey, the cart corral… 589 more words


Snapshot of My Day: The Kindness of a Stranger

We were in a crafting store earlier today, the last stop before we headed home. I had paints and brushes for a project I’ve been needing to finish (more on that another day). 440 more words


Things that bug me (but probably shouldn't)

Don’t know if it’s just that I’m getting old and crusty, or I’ve been reading too much of ‘Ben’s Bitter Blog’, but there’s a bunch of stuff that drives me nuts.   365 more words


Iggy Azalea Snaps On Paparazzi! [VIDEO]

Iggy Azalea lost her cool and got aggressive with a photographer outside of a Vons grocery store in Los Angeles, CA. After the paparazzi got some shots, he tried to leave and that is when Iggy chased after him, put him in a choke hold and spit on him after no warnings whatsoever. 151 more words

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