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Pet peeve: When people don’t return shopping carts to the designated areas. It’s a 10 second walk, how lazy can you be?



I dropped off my laundry and went shopping at Fairway today, chores I haven’t been able to keep up with the past few weeks with all the work I’ve had. 838 more words

Daily Post: A Moment In Time

Today’s Daily Post topic is A Moment In Time:  What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? 220 more words

Cee Neuner


No matter how big your vehicle or shopping cart is, it’s never big enough. Especially when you are hauling two 38 pound humans in addition to your lumber or whatever you scored during your pickin’ trip…….. 8 more words

East Coast Upcyclers

In the world of parenting, even shopping carts matter.

Maybe it’s because it took me 30 minutes to get on the highway in route to my house after work last night.  (Have I told you that I loathe traffic?) 1,078 more words


Fashion Talk! Winter Classics

Hello dear readers,

How is the New Year treating you?? So far “so so” from my side! Although it is promising to be quite the busy month, I am preparing in advanced and taking it one day at the time. 124 more words

Fashion Talk