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Sink or Swim

I get these thoughts that the years have not been kind to me at all.


Immoral Shopping Carts.

For the holiday season the company I work for sent each store some new shopping carts. That isn’t uncommon for this time of year with the influx of business. 624 more words

Life Stuff

 Life is like a slow ride on a broken shopping cart with a wobbly wheel.


Call Me Crazy

In life, you encounter so many problems, obstacles and difficulties. Some big … and some small.

One of the small obstacles I have to overcome on a regular basis that fills me with dread … is selecting my grocery cart at the store. 204 more words

Hitting those Milestones

Recently my youngest child hit one of those major milestones. I’m not talking about taking his first step or speaking his first word. I’m talking about being able to sit up in a grocery cart by himself. 237 more words


Shopping cart in autumn light

In Hamburg, late autumn light can be great even at mid-day, when you catch it parallel to a surface. Then, shining through the fog, it is piercingly bright. 8 more words


Attention Shoppers: There are Shopping Cart Corrals for a Reason (GASP!)...

There are two types of people in the world: Those that return their shopping carts to the cart corral and those that don’t!

Call me crazy but I’m a bit old fashioned-in that, I believe in common courtesy. 362 more words