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"Lên giường"

Ah không không phải giật tít đâu, mà chỉ là 1 câu nói khá quen thuộc mỗi cuối tuần của nhà mình thôi. Nếu cái tịt bựa như này mà cũng câu được viu thì chứng tỏ bọn nhảm báo ở Việt Nam cao số vì mình không về viết báo giật tít giật luôn cơm của bọn nó. 1,548 more words

My Life

Just A Drink - Part Two [Extract]

Continuing directly from Just A Drink

He was horny as hell when he’d met up with her in the bar. I suppose you always are when you meet old girlfriends who you still fancy. 559 more words


Just A Drink [Extract]

The first in a series of posts telling the story of two childhood sweethearts
meeting up for an evening after six years.

As soon as they were in her hotel room he steered her back to the wall and, taking both her hands in his left hand, he held them above her head against the wall. 520 more words


Moose Likely Yes

Sometimes fate gives you a choice. Specifically, when it is a future ex-boyfriend asking you straight up: “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Hahahahaha…. Yeah, that actually happened, about four weeks ago at an IMAX in Manchester. 289 more words



She’s going to wank while he watches, and she’s going to let him watch from so close. He’s laid on his back, and she’s knelt over his head, a knee by each ear so he’s looking directly upwards between her thighs. 381 more words


??? -- a poem

we run off
them like
no matter
how harmful
they are
for our

teach me statements.