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The Flower who stands still

Grounded by soil, the rain and the sun,

I live where I grew.

All I can think and reflect upon is within reach of what I can see and hear and think, reason will always be inside myself and within the circle of what I learn. 141 more words



It’s a party. In a hotel, a converted country house. I don’t know anyone there, it’s all your friends. A few of them are staying over, but we’re not. 659 more words


Fluffing You For Him

I wait until you’re in. Soaking in the hot water, your body starting to relax, the heat lightly pinking your skin. Waiting until you’re in a hot bubbly horny fluster. 647 more words



I’m sitting next to you on the bed, your right leg is resting on my lap. I’m looking at your body with awe as you catch your breath after making yourself come while I watch. 578 more words


The Hall

I have you pinned between me and the wall.

You’d opened the door, and without a word of greeting, I’d stepped through, kicked it closed with my heel, pushed you with my right hand on your chest until you could back up no further, and put my mouth onto yours. 471 more words



The world is inescapable

———————always being right there

shoved in your face

Consistant people with inconsistent motives

talking about this

———————or that

Surrounded by the overwhelming fear that they will… 154 more words

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