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What's the Value of a Thing?

Everything has no value until a human puts value on it. Value can be collective or personal. Let’s take your grandpas watch, the collective value of it is $800 for the gold it’s made of, you put a high personal value on that watch because you loved your grandfather. 95 more words


Wow Just Wow

My people are so ignorant. Every day I observe things that 10 years ago were just unacceptable by human standards. The conversations held by people my age are just simply stupid and meaningless. 95 more words


The Smile

I look at your face, your smile. I look at how your mouth moves, how soft and full your lips are. The way they don’t stretch tight when you smile, but seem somehow to become fuller, more inviting. 305 more words


20 Followers Thank You!!!

Thank you all for supporting me in my writing and thoughts it is AMAZING that at this point I have grown in such a little amount of time thank you all! 7 more words



Always misunderstood, wanting and waiting for someone like them to discuss their problems so they may share their own problems with-ought feeling guilty. Many teens are socially and mentally repressed because of how society views teenagers as a whole. 137 more words



I have only published one poem “Life as a kid” and I was surprised at the amazing feedback I received. Poems are one tool I like to use to shock and awe my readers into understanding huge topics. 47 more words


Short: Shakespeare





In the near-empty classroom, she idly flips a page of her book as the girl fumes over the paper. “This is fu — fudging bull… poop.” 276 more words