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The Last Cutting of the Season

A house on Oakley Street nearly burned to the ground early this morning. They say no one was inside the home at the time of the fire – 1 a.m. 968 more words




Cast: Dane Dehaan 

Genre: Comfort,Slight Angst!  // Rated: PG //

Soundtrack: Princess Of China (Accoustic)-Coldpplay ft Rihanna


A tape.A walkman.Just simple as that. 2,169 more words


Confetti That

I know, I know – I swore I would never use a BK confetti polish ever again. Not after the hellish time I had removing the black and white lot. 187 more words

Mish's Nail Art

Some people are so heartless

Some don’t care if your family is dead some don’t care if you have nothing some people just want everyones everything for their sick twisted enjoyment. 107 more words


Going Dark: The Final Days of Film Projection

Hollywood is forcing theaters to either go digital or go dark. Studios have decided they will no longer send out film prints of new releases after 2014, eliminating the need for a 35mm film projectionist in most theaters. 12 more words



When I closed my eyes
I saw a million sunsets;
Painted so carefully
Beneath my eyelids,
When your fingertips
Would touch them
like a painter’s brush.