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10 year old mutt

All that barking you would think you were being abused. Thinking your owners didn’t treat you right but I know that’s not true. They have lived next door to me since I was a little kid and so have you. 146 more words


POSH by (she)Nanigans

Loud ominous music ensues with a jet black screen… we are being taken into the realm of the unknown. I knew to expect the unexpected …and frequently omitted gaze of life’s taboo for this short indie. 454 more words


Pissing in the Lone Toilet at the Hookah Lounge down the Street

The guy before me
pissed all over the toilet seat.

The girl behind me
is gonna think it was me.

I could clean it up, 19 more words



Her eyes turn

from emerald seas

to blue ice.


Comic Book Heaven

Comic Book Heaven is a short documentary that tells the story of Joe Leisner, owner of the comic book store Comic Book Heaven located in Sunnyside, Queens NY.


The short apocalypse

The wind stirred a column of dust. The city’s dirt flew above the street, above the honking of the cars, above the noise and the chaos of the terrified crowd. 156 more words