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What do you call an iguana that isn't yours?


I was eating a sandwich with my wife and our friends when the shrieking started. I spun around and saw that this guy (gal?) decided to join a gaggle of teenagers for lunch. Not pictured: mortified teenagers.


30 August - If I Stay

Woke up and attempted to do my assignment today. Needless to say I failed miserably, we went out to the city to watch “If I Stay” a teenage romantic drama bore-fest. 185 more words

Daily Journal

Short And Sweet. Monkey Bread Muffins.

This is pretty sweet.

Monkey Bread, that addictive combination of cinnamon-sugar coated bits of dough drizzled with a healthy dose of caramel, gets the mini treatment here in muffin form. 306 more words

Short And Sweet

(Mostly) Friendly Animals Of The World

A beautiful thing about life is interacting with animals. Some come to my doorstep. Others I encounter on my travels.

Matilda is a squirrel who has been coming to my door for years. 83 more words


Turn Ons

The following is an actual note that Ashley wrote while sitting in a classroom in the year 2007.
Things that turn me on:
1. Chivalry… 171 more words

Short And Sweet

“I’m fucking crawling out of my skin”


I saw a woman when I was getting off the train yesterday. She had marks on her arms; she didn’t hide them. 42 more words

Short And Sweet


Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Hillary Seitz

Following the sad news of Robin William’s death not long ago, there were a whole host of tributes on TV, and many of his films were shown. 822 more words