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I (Heart) Computer Animation

Here it is — my first computer animation!

It’s only 39 seconds, so why not take a break right now and treat yourself? Modeling, textures, lighting, animation, camera — it all exists only in the digital world, and in my mind, and now – in… 19 more words

On Animation

Final Summary

During the course of the year, I feel I have learned many things through making my own film that will contribute towards my knowledge of animation and the process of creating an animated film outside of university. 1,127 more words

ART006-3: Art And Design Professional Practice

Breakdown of Shots that I worked on

Shot: 001 First Scene

Involvement in this shot: Keyframing, Inbetweening, Clean-Up, Animation Colours, Layout Drawing, Background Colours, Film Logo, Editing, Compositing.

Positive Points: Repeated animations work nicely, Characters stand out well against the background, Surprised reaction to door closing sound is quick and convincing. 1,483 more words

ART006-3: Art And Design Professional Practice

All Colour Shots that I worked on

In this post, I will be showing off the shots that I displayed in the ‘All Pencil Shots that I worked on’ Post, except this time I will explain what I feel about the shot now that it is in colour, and what additions or subtractions I made to the shot. 1,004 more words

ART006-3: Art And Design Professional Practice

Full, Final Animatic

This is the final version of the animatic for my short film Feeding Time. Looking at all of the shots finally animated together, the film flows rather well, going from point to point effectively and no real obvious anomalies stand out in terms of the story. 330 more words

ANM000-3: Animation Major Project