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Unsung Masterpieces: Filter- Short Bus

The early 90′s were a great time for bands. There seemed to be a huge creative explosion. Albums had substance, grit and¬†provoked raw emotion. I could talk about certain bands all day like Nine Inch Nails and Alice In Chains who embodied such traits. 446 more words

Unsung Materpieces

Austin and an Art Car

Or: “Finally Catching Up”

I went straight from Austin to sitting in front of a sewing machine and packing to 5 days of an amazing burn, and now I home, with a full night’s rest on my own bed. ¬† 304 more words

Weird Fact Of The Day 06/14/2014

After extensive testing, it has been shown that Lil Wayne has such an incredibly low IQ he has qualified for a handicapped parking pass.

Weird Fact Of The Day