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Neon Claus

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Patrick Flincher pressed his nose up to the glass of an electronics store and blinked in sync with the Christmas lights decorating it. He lip singed the playing song, ‘ding, dong, ding, dong, that is their song….words of good cheer….filling the air’, via memory from commercials and a Sunday lunch where niece Marie hammered her punk teen angst version on a piano in the living room and stomped the ground declining slavery to commercialism, making the porcelain clatter in the antique cabinet. 546 more words

Short Fiction Stories


I mixed my time and woke up near 4 A.M.

There was barely any light outside, just the occasional engine growl and car lights projecting the rectangles of my curtains on the ceiling. 489 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Go ahead, jump

“I found myself on the other side of the door and at the top of a precipice.

Now I find myself at the beginning of the story. 365 more words


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The curse of the Vrkolak

Boyan spent the festive afternoon building a coffin for his mother.

She had lived alone above the village in the old family house that was passed through many unnamed generations till half of it resulted ruined. 1,000 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Bodies by the lodge

“The most horrific thing I’ve done? I don’t know, I didn’t think we’d talk about this again.”

“It’s in the schedule.”

“Fine. I’ve tried myself around one or two haunted by local lore places, but they were junkies who knew me playing cards and a wounded dog in the basement of a rebuilding house. 967 more words

Short Fiction Stories