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Smoke, ash and death to all

His eyes reflected the glowing, boiling mass of cloud, which masked the fear that lay behind them, as the first cracks appeared in the ground beneath his feet. 602 more words


The Dorley Cycle VI

To start the cycle: Part I ; Part II ; Part III ; Part IV


Part V ; 



My thirsty mouth was lapping of the oily waters, an answer of filth and shit scrambled in the accents of comers and goers, and deafened by the police sirens and the nearing helicopter flashing its light on all coastal beauty. 1,015 more words

Short Fiction Stories

The Vacation - Short Fiction

Walking down the pier that night, the moon shone brightly giving off a hazy glow.  Michael and Gloria looked over the water, hand in hand, thinking of the wonderful day that they’d just enjoyed. 251 more words


The Phone Call - Tale Weaver's Prompt #1

The Phone Call

“Maria Marks? You’ve got a phone call,”  the man at the main desk said, “You can take it in the phone booth over there.” 511 more words


The Dorley Cycle V

To start the cycle: Part I ; Part II ; Part III ; Part IV




Behind the police line its dark, an infinity seeping out of a black hole,somewhere in the back of my head; it’s stretched to all sides but ahead, where the projectors illuminate the sand and the camera flashlights blink two at a time. 966 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Salim...in Chad

After watching the film, I felt inspired…remembering the years I lived in Africa and of the children I’d met in the villages.

In the third world, things aren’t taken for granted.  626 more words