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Poopy Peter

by Adam Stones

Peter woke up and slowly opened a beady eye to take in his surroundings. ‘Fucking hell – what dank dump have I woken up in today?’, he thought.

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Short Fiction


by Paul Evans

“Did you leave something nasty in the toilet Matthew?”


“Only leave it if it’s wee.”

“In the toilet.”

“The printers won’t work unless we put material back into the system.”

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Short Fiction


by Simon Evans

Darling? ….Darling?

Yes Darling?

Darling could you please pass me my pink cravat?

Of course Darling, do you know where you popped it down?

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Short Fiction

Postal Prose #2

– resides in the blueness of her eyes that glitter and gleam. Settled along the coast of Newport Beach, coffee in hand and sand between our toes we watch the sun settle over the sapphire Pacific, burning bright, setting the sky ablaze in a gentle, watercolor-like glow. 23 more words

Creative Writing

Entry #5, in which my friend and I indulge in the delights of the Ice Circus, and I win myself a prize.

It’s enjoyable enough to visit a wondrous circus made of ice, but it’s far more delightful to do so with someone who personally knows all of the most skilled and charming performers. 1,508 more words

Adventure Story

Burn Thy Neighbour

by Martin Bolton

Sherman sat cross-legged on the brow of the hill, looking down Victoria Park’s grassy slope towards five houses. 50-54 Hill Avenue.

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Short Fiction

The Road to Hell

by John Pilling

“Hells Bells” Stephen stared in horror at the twisting spitting ball of fury slowly revolving in mid air beneath his apple tree.

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