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The Energy Drink

If Felix hadn’t stolen that crappy energy drink from the supermarket, I wouldn’t be here now. In a field. Being stared at by an angry cow. 680 more words


Always Some Sort of Culmination of Past Events

At 12:13am he took a Sharpie to the bathroom stall and wrote the word “dream” because “Jesus loves you” sounded too cliche.

Jesus was a name he never cared for but now it made him weep like the child he once he was. 98 more words


22/7/14 - When Blue Turns Black Act 2: Ghost Ship

The mist hid the liner just a mile before it came ashore. We stood, aghast, in our places just as we did when the ship departed. 566 more words

The Rise and Fall of Grace and Sorrow, Respectively (originally published at The Literary Yard)

First published here.

It’s six twenty-two in the morning and the last time I was up this early was four years and ten months ago. You see, this sunrise will be the last I will view in San Francisco, perhaps the last ever. 2,591 more words

Literary Yard


The story of has-been brothers Harold and Frank. Harold catches a bird and Frank catches the truth.

Short Story

14: The Well

Photo by cbenjasuwan, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

The boys all gazed into the well. Somewhere behind them the sun was dipping; the clouds tinted with a fiery glaze. 1,023 more words

Creative Writing

Sleep After Chocolate Milk

After the second job she came home and pulled the plate out of the fridge. It was beef and rice. She tilted her thermos and watched the cold coffee splash into the sink and run down the drain. 596 more words