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Aunt Sparky’s 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

I was seven years old when this happened, so you can imagine my pride and my shame.

* * * * *

My Aunt Sparky, whose real name was Ophelia Florence Iglehart, but who everyone called Sparky for obvious reasons, never made a left hand turn in her life. 1,755 more words

A Conversation With Gus

It happened so quickly Ted didn’t have time to react. He didn’t want to have a long conversation with Gus from Human Resources, but he and Sandy had a question about retirement planning. 234 more words


Little Red

Written by Bandit Queen

Run, little girl, run.

The forest is not your friend now. Where are the little flowers you picked, their sweet scent similar to yours and their pastel colours dappling the dark grass in the wood? 462 more words

Half Hour Challenge

Work In Progress!

Don’t worry, we’re still alive! Laurelle and I have been drawing up the new designs for the rebranding of The Quibble. Prepare to be amazed! 89 more words

Creative Writing




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จริงๆที่เอามาลงก็แค่คิดถึงพี่โอ้เท่านั้นเองแหละ 357 more words


Break the Cycle

The girl at once looked out of place and yet perfectly natural as she stood in front of my house. Her colonial attire was flawless and matched the colonial houses of the neighborhood.   1,585 more words


Little World

“The world is just the right size,” he said as he packed the mud together.  his little hands were covered in dirt.  His little legs walked to the grass then he pulled up handful after handful.   149 more words

Flash Fiction Friday