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—He’s got it.

…is it bad?

—Just about as bad as it gets.

The Doctor stood with Mrs. Patterson outside of a glass retaining wall in the observation room. 1,326 more words

Short Fiction

#FP Robin Williams Tribute

The latest theme for Friday Phrases was right up my street, concerning mythical creatures. But following the recent, awful news of one of my favourite comedians, it felt fitting I did what I do best in his honour: write. 58 more words

Short Fiction

"Climbing Salvation Mountain On The Balls Of My Feet"

 (Copyright: Joel Robison)

I walk the way with head held high
my feet on spheres for treads.
Self-confident, my step is sure
my fears rendered to shreds. 60 more words

Short Fiction

The Heckler Dream

I was on the Hogwarts Express, heading for University (go figure). All of my belongings were crammed into the hallway outside our carriage. Our carriage consisted of a few people my age, one bodyguard, and a middle aged woman who looked utterly terrified. 264 more words

Dream Diary

Asymmetric Fiction: Spawn of the Lost Moon Pt. 2

Carland, Massachusetts is a small hamlet located near the Vermont border, about 90 minutes west of Boston. With the nearest rail station 12 miles away from the tiny mountain community, I was linked up to a patrol of Massachusetts National Guardsmen heading north. 889 more words

Asymmetric Creativity

my problem with the creationism versus evolution debate

For the record is its futile because its like trying to figure out where car exhaust came from from car exhaust.

Short Fiction