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Virtual Intimacies

K enjoyed the nightshift because it was quiet. You’d think suicidals (as they called them) would be most active at night: when you’re alone with your thoughts. 179 more words

Short Fiction

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, after a few drinks

I worry for Sherlock

At first it was snuff and the odd visit to an opium den, the stuff of gentlemen. But since he began knocking back brandy and Monster energy drinks, I began to grow a shade worried. 358 more words

Short Fiction

Blackwood Gazette #44: The Hunt for Roderick La Pierre Begins; Special Task Force Leaves Port to Thunderous Applause

by Chester Seaton, News

22/7- The special unit of the Crowndon Air Corps set out late yesterday afternoon, with only one mission: to bring the nefarious air pirate, Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre, to justice. 377 more words

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As I watched the walls of the surrounding apartment buildings rush upwards around me, I hoped I would not make too much of a mess on the pavement. 490 more words

Short Fiction

Ava's Running Late

The years had breezed by┬ábut it wasn’t long enough. Ava came because Aunt Lou had called, her voice husky with cigarette smoke. She agreed they had seen one another in Chicago three years ago but she wanted her niece to visit “before I head out to to the store and never return”. 2,255 more words


Two days before the fateful night, David saw a pickup truck pull into the driveway of his old apartment building. On the bed of the truck was a box, a rather large one, and if he had to describe to anyone how just how large it was, he’d say that you could probably put a grown human in there. 1,051 more words


A Flight of Words (a most podern tale)

Today I went out on the balcony just in time to see a hundred small black birds wheel through the sky above me like a living constellation. 1,629 more words

Short Fiction