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Staring At Corners

There wasn’t much in my room that wasn’t blue. The walls were a soft shade of sky blue. The carpet had, at one time, been a deep, plush shag of royal blue, but had deformed into a matted, dreadlocks looking pathetic attempt at a shade of blue. 1,301 more words


"Thank You For Watching" Published at The Stoneslide Corrective

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I have a brand new story published at… 59 more words

Double Tap - Mondays Finish The Story

Double Tap

She was unaware that she was being watched. Golden eyes stared hungrily.

Corinne sat on a rock beside the wood fire. The odors of cooking bacon wafted into the forest as she turned the fatty meat. 238 more words

Flash Fiction

The Mausoleum, Part 3.

Cassie followed behind and just slightly to the left of Cody.  He was tall, but young.  She thought he was maybe just out of high school, and still awkwardly thin and lanky from teenage growth spurts.  934 more words


The Haunting of Eight Oaks

Ambrose was beginning to feel stifled by the coziness of the parlor. Reclined uncomfortably in an overstuffed rosewood sofa, Ambrose sighed deeply. The air was thick with the smell of old cigar smoke. 1,867 more words


Orphans #7 : The Museum of Broken Things

As her father loaded the car for their trip to the Museum, Caroline, nine years old, dressed in her finest – good red coat, silk and chiffon dress, knee socks, polished red leather shoes that creaked and squeaked with every step she took – played perilously close to the dusty earth and staining grass. 1,619 more words

Short Fiction

Leeta and the Lizard Boy -- Conclusion

In March, there was a blizzard. It started on a Wednesday night, as the sun was setting, and snowed all the way through until the next night. 817 more words