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Beauty Short Film directed by Isaiah Johnson

This was a great narrative/short film directed by Isaiah Johnson. It was pretty good. Just check it and out and listen to what’s being said. Enjoy.

Film Director

Buy Buy Baby - Short Film

Our short for this week is a playful, classically styled comedy about the perils of bring-your-kid-to-work days. Buy Buy Baby is set (loosely) in the 1920s, and centers around a powerful Wall Street broker who brings his baby to the office for the day, with disastrous consequences. 112 more words


Alone in the Dark – A 2-Minute Horror Short Film

This was a short film  that I found online about a female that is alone at home with these different…..HA HA..not gonna give it away, you have to check it out.

Short Film


Long time no post...*blushes* I apologize for the delay, but, here lies my collection of short films surrounding the character of Jean, created with much love in my Sight & Sound: Film class at New York University, taught by Prof. 65 more words

"Valentines Day" short Film directed by Oscar Beltran Cuba

This was a pretty cool Valentine’s Day short film. I don’t want to give it away but sit dow and watch it and enjoy. It was pretty cool. 23 more words

Film Production

Animating a Jump Tutorial Part #269 - Short Film

This is a fun cartoon, which pits a Maya creation against its animator. Very much in the style of the Warner Bros. short Duck Amuck… 89 more words