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The Final Project

The flurry of activity of the past few weeks has sputtered out and now all that remains is the long slog to finals. The excitement of creation is over and now we return to the trenches to prepare for our upcoming battles. 695 more words


Modeling the Short Film Props - Part 6

Last week of the semester, and a week and a half until the start of semester 3. This leaves a week and a half for both much needed downtime and whatever touchups I can squeeze in for the benefit of the project. 175 more words


Modeling the Short Film Props – Part 6

A big part of the short film is it’s contrast, so I’m working on some flowerpots to use on the set. They’re just dummies right now as I’m going to make another animatic, the next step is to decide what kinds of flowers to model and incorporate. 98 more words


Shooting Sri Lanka

Letter S is for shooting in Sri Lanka — on a crappy cellphone.

A to Z entries:  My post for each letter of the alphabet will be anecdotes or musings based on an element from the previous letter’s post.  

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A To Z Musing

Body as Brush Revisited

Earlier in my blog I discussed my choreographic paintings and recently I created a film meditation based on the process of making those paintings. The process depicted ultimately does not create a painting with the same intention of my earlier work, and the film itself focuses more on touch and sensation rather than choreographed application, but the end result generates yet another possibility along those same lines of viewing a technique through a different medium.