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Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

This is definitely not the way to read a bedtime story to your grandchild!  I discovered this comedy animated film some time ago, always leaves me laughing!!


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The free life!


What’s going on in the mind of this lonely man? Starring: Max Edstam and Tommy Westers.


New short film: ARCADE ORATORY

My friends Rishi Gandhi and Renzo Adler recently finished making a great short film, ARCADE ORATORY. I’ll let them sum up the premise:

Where do arcade games go to die?

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Starting off with a summer romance

Have you ever had a summer romance?

You know the one. The drinks are flowing you meet someone whose funny, interesting, beautiful, easy going and smiling as only people can smile in summer… it’s as if they’ve been in hibernation all of winter because you know for sure that you wouldn’t forget a face like that if you’d seen it before. 86 more words


Sintel -- A Short Film Revisit.

I know a lot of you have probably seen this as it has been out for some time, but I just love the short.  So, I am sharing it with you. 42 more words

Dark Fantasy