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Tallness is Relative

In my house, I am not short. I’m actually the tallest of everyone in my immediate family, which I was very proud of when I was younger. 566 more words

The Loose Ends...

 Devoid of purpose, I wandered.

Making my way down the worn path to that old familiar place of fire and metal.

The overgrown jungle of iron and found “treasures” from years of my dad’s ramblings. 273 more words

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The World is Built for Tall People and I'm short

The world is built for tall people. 

I’m not really that short.  I’m more average.  My mother was short at 4’11.  But sometimes I think the rest of the world forgets that not everyone is 6 foot tall with long legs. 478 more words


Why Kacy Cantanzaro is my Hero

I’ve never really been interested in American Ninja Warrior, I hadn’t even seen an episode, so when the show announced it’s next qualifying stage I was already pressing the button to change the channel. 390 more words


Madge is So Short... How Short is She?!

I’m short. I’m 5’2″. That might seem average to some women, really short for some guys, pretty tall for small children.

All I know is I can’t reach or see shit most of the time. 533 more words


A Marmot's Tale.

My sister requested I make her a rice crispy treat mountain for her wedding.   Preferable, this confectionary mountain would have marmots fighting dragons on it. 815 more words

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ILL Nicky - Short People

A video with little kids telling short people to get rich? Yeah….. …this is getting posted.