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je bois. systématiquement.

the guy i went out with yesterday was not crazy at all. he was a sane, successful, super-intelligent, super-interesting, professionally fulfilled, obviously very caring (because cat-loving) and good, completely adult man. 403 more words

Driving for the 4'7'' and Under

When people meet me, the first thing they all tend to say is, “OMG, you’re so tiny! How tall are you?” and I am quick to say, “Not very.” It’s just second nature to me now. 432 more words

Short Prople Problems

Defiantly Not The Leader Of The Pack.

When I was in college, I would spend hours hiking the coast and mountains taking pictures of all the animals I found in my little haven. 1,091 more words

Current Conditions

Small People Problems.

I’m short. Short for a woman, short for a child, short for life. There’s no going about it, other than I’m still awaiting my growth spurt and today I’ve found my top 10 problems with being small. 129 more words


LOL-Worthy: 30 Awkward Moments EVERY Short Girl Understands

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, my fellow shorties, the struggle is REAL.

I literally laughed in agreement with ALL of these, so naturally, I HAD to share. 296 more words


Short People Awareness Day

Please help protect the dignity of your shorter peers by allowing them access to the side rails when aboard a means of public transport as the alternative feels like this… 6 more words


Short Girl Problems....

Giggling away to myself at the photo above. Being short is something i have had to deal with my whole life. I thought today i would poke fun at my short-ness by explaining the problems short people have in everyday life. 235 more words

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