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The pitch – A look into the private life of a New York Pigeon. by Andrew Lampl and Melissa Pfeiffer Lampl

Directed by Kelli Crump

Featuring Sean Garahan and Mark Vashro

The Screenwriter – Shane Bernard Benjamin
The Producer – Mister Richardstein

1. A Hollywood office in 1977. 956 more words


When The Lights Go Out In The City by Nicole Slovinec

Directed by Melissa Haines

Featuring Kelli Crump and Maryssa Wanlass

It’s after midnight on July 14, 1977. New York City is in the midst of a blackout. 1,004 more words


Hotel Eula by Zoe Young

Directed by Alison Whismore

Featuring Melissa Ortiz, Aeron Macintyre, Jessica Risco and Christian Haines

DAUGHTER – Melissa Ortiz – Mid 20s, daughter of FATHER, dressed in PJs – liberal arts educated white girl who used to think she knew something about the world. 1,434 more words


Year of the Cat by Andre Abrahamians

Directed by Tom Gough

Featuring Will Brown, Janine Evans and Sharmin Sehat

“Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart plays
GRACE is dressed like Annie Hall…
1,272 more words


Ward 77 by Aeron Macintyre

Directed by Christian Haines

Featuring Michael Catlett, Delinda Dane and Tim Meehan

Two Doctors conferring in a CIA super-secret

I knew there would be a change once we took him off the… 1,102 more words


THE KEYS by Blake Wiers

Directed by Christian Haines

Featuring Andre Abrahamians and Nicole Slovinec
(Jordan, dressed as Princess Leia, looks at her
phone while Taylor searches their bedroom… 1,045 more words


Pigs Do Fly Productions Encores in Boca Raton August 14-24

Pigs Do Fly Productions
Encores in Boca Raton
August 14-24

Fifty Plus – A Celebration of Life… As We Know It
A Collection of Seven Humorous Short Plays…
992 more words