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What does a successful writing session look like?

Yesterday, I posted a silly philosophical rant prior to sitting down and writing out an idea that I had for a short play.

I probably jinxed myself because I went on about how within the next two hours I would be “changed” because of the inspiration which I just put down on paper. 313 more words

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A Momentary Stare at a Blank Page

Before I go and write I wanted to reflect on the blank page that awaits me.

I have an idea in my head and I am ready to start putting it on paper. 203 more words

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Perception, alternate & artificial realities, & memories masked in New Ideas Week Three program

Another exceptionally strong program of short plays at Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Ideas Festival (NIF) this week – Week Three, the final week of the fest. 594 more words


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Actor Dana Thody (who played Marjorie in Simprov) tweeted last night:

"Our director is awesome. She even stepped into a role tonight. The show must go on. "
Normally the role is played by a man, Michael Scott.  With director Stephanie Williams in the part, it would have given that play  a whole other layer...

Strong Female Lead by Jennifer LeBlanc

Directed by Mary Ann Rodgers

Featuring Eden Neuendorf and Nicole Slovinec
A petshop.
Looking for something in particular?
Yeah, I’ve got a new puppy. 1,027 more words


A Mile in Her Shoes by Nicole Slovinec

Directed by Bertil Christianson

Featuring Aeron Macintyre, Michael Catlett and Tim Meehan

Three Canadian guys limp into a bar. Each of them is wearing men’s… 1,150 more words