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Love All Over Me

He is the only man. There are no others.
He is more handsome than any other.
He is like an African king arising
He has captured my heart. 20 more words


Morning coffee

I like the flavor of my morning coffee.

It reminds how minutes ago you were kissing me softly.


autumn haiku

suffused by wood smoke
cascading leaves of saffron
birches bowed by wind


Twittery expression 1

I’m not the only one raised on wholesome lies

in a country off-shoring truth.

Scars mark the brushes you have survived

well, most of you.



Kind words written across fragments of glass -
tear apart the insides with the best intentions.
My memory is a sinkhole swallowing their ghosts - 43 more words


23/10/14 - Cigarettes

As we smoked our cigarettes,
we said our escaping ghosts
between our parted lips
leave us to dance to heaven.

So I grabbed your chin… 26 more words

Sunset in the Park

               I walked about

The sky drew me in

Oh, right

Today is the day

of a partial solar eclipse

I missed that sight

though I looked up for a glimpse… 28 more words

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