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James,of Manning South Carolina

James of Manning, South Carolina

I’ll bet you think the caste system
Is reserved for India or the far east,
But what of the American man… 115 more words


It was Only a Crescent Moon

walking under a crescent moon

press the foot to the path

proceed and persevere

step forward with confidence

instead of tensely or fearfully

on this particular occasion…

41 more words
Poetry Of Sorts

Fire Against Ice

We do not touch because I fear that when we do this world will crash and something will be set ablaze. Maybe it will be my heart but first it will begin with my fingertips pressed against your ice cold skin.
-Kristen Tolstrup

Kristen Tolstrup


You are an open book without a cover
You wear your emotions on your sleeves;
they spill everywhere

Sometimes, it is better to be open… 12 more words


Oh college town

You have waste

in black garbage bags,

in the form of tattered couches

And stained lamp shades

on every front lawn

empty beer bottles shattered… 103 more words


in some senses

I’m no good

with the unfamiliar

I’m no good

with the strange

cities that are bare

And make an oddity

Of me… 108 more words


Feel it

So loud now

somehow I can hear

barely perceptible

pitch too high

for human ears

unless mashed

into a pillow

unless turned red… 135 more words