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Passing By

The couples change positions
Like clock work.

Tic toc,
head in lap,
tic toc,
back to back,
tic toc,
a muddle of limbs.

Here I am walking alone, 12 more words


Untitled #2

Darling its okay the things you’ve done
the world doesn’t have to know
Autumn is coming, trees are changing
leafs are falling as the tears run down your face.

Daniel Sherwood

Botched Origami

In a trashcan
In the bathroom
Of a bad part of town
Crumpled beneath
Snot-filled tissues
And broken coffee cups
Are all the notes
I took in that… 55 more words


2 shorts (22 Sept 2014)

tiny ripples in the water glass

staring out the window at
Mom, he waved


Strange Acquintance. (a poem)

sitting across her,
tables facing each other,
a smile exchanges
acknowledging a relation
naive and hidden,
talks happen
over silent glances,
a whim or everlasting feeling, 23 more words


love's ascension

all innuendo and intent aside,
(superfluous such things to words and deed
whose bold crescendo didn’t hurt my pride),
obsequious display of sucking need
for some forgiveness, real or merely spoke… 64 more words

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