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melt rivers
all drip
on my heart.
red, green, risque;
i move into her way.

i’m captured
in lines
of her smile,
in words… 46 more words


I live my life clutching
To the hope of the rising sun
That the new dawn would bring
What the other hadn’t done.

I wait for the thing, they all say… 19 more words

Wolfhart Productions


 Reciprocate this word

From under pull me up

From beneath take me above.

Reciprocate this feeling

From numb give me joy

From regret lead me to contentment. 10 more words


I Fell OnTop of Hardback Books

my back squealed, my legs
complained, but my nose

the smell of dead tree,
wonderful the must
of slow literary decay.

a wonderful joke: these books… 8 more words


21/10/14 - The Blurry Others

It’s troublesome knowing
that in a span of a day
I have passed 1,892 souls,
bumped into 1,892 bodies,
and of the 1,892 people
I could have met, 29 more words

Beautiful words

why do such beautiful words leave your lips
ideas and thoughts that are so…so real
and true and logical; phrases and words that everyone
should really hear one day, words that could change a life – that have changed my life… 63 more words


Be hopelessly in love
with the flesh that bodies the person
who would never let you burn

- N V Z K