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Dark Roads

The roads are cold and the air is moist,

I am submerging into the darkness of this night,

Solitude brought me peace for I keep losing hope… 41 more words

Speak Out Here

Western promise

more, more, more

work, work, work,



25/11/14 - Claws

Only in
the terrible night
we expose claws
but scream storms
feeling claws
drive down our backs,
and pointing
our innocent paw.

Eventually you will just be pain

I wish I could say that I wasn’t going to wait around for you to care about me.

But I probably will.

And I will probably end up hurt. 116 more words

I understand now: a Short Lyric

I understand now why peace is a white flag

it needs to stand out

planted as it is

against the backdrop of black bodies.


The Joke is on You

So busy laughing
not remotely aware
the joke is on you


I should

I should get to know myself better but as I don’t like meeting new people
I probably won’t