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Can I borrow your astonishment?

if you promise to keep it out of water, hum to it regularly, carry it around in silk, construct toys with it by your own hand, feed it anxiety medicine if it asks, fuel it with new ideas and images, never show it the same thing twice, keep the cats away from it, only surround it with interesting people, never let it rest, introduce it to your parents eventually, then yes. 27 more words


What's Your Journey?

Some journeys are meant for travelling alone
While others act as guide to where the heart is home
Some people may choose their own path… 75 more words


the wind continued

across the sand


he didn’t notice anymore


he straightened himself

in the old wooden chair


pulling his brim

to his line of sight


The Tragedy of Lorca by Josh King

Hand prints on high walls
A hallow-point disgraced in pieces
And a willow in the mist

For the tremulant sings
A wish resigned
Desecrated tombs… 37 more words

The Pen And Paper

no fairy tale

I’m too easy

with my love

they tell me


I know it’s only

because I’m more vulnerable

more tender

where others imagine

they’re made of steel… 109 more words

tell me how it works

how do people fall in love?

is there a place you go

wandering in absent-minded

not realizing you’ve interrupted

someone else

or that he’s interrupted you? 59 more words

letter to a troubled mind

Dear self:


I feel unbearable


and I don’t know how

to stop


I feel ripped


And I don’t know



A taste of fear… 85 more words