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Summer Grass (with audio)

Tonight is just like last night
I have that queasy feeling in my gut
It travels up to my chest and into my heart
It bubbles up through my throat and eyes… 235 more words

Fiction & Shorts


Falling down into…

 depths of despair
   oxygen depleting
     withering away, slowly
       no escape



To conquer, to build, to love, to fulfill,
the ultimate truths of life they are still.
Man made the machine in which he chose to die. 55 more words


Better (with audio)

At night, I hear the crickets, stridulation
It’s lulling, soothing, and soporific
And I hear the screen door slide open
You walk towards me, and I know you’re wearing… 122 more words

Fiction & Shorts

Visibility [7/365]

Sometimes I can see the panic
as it rises in your veins, as each
quickening beat of your heart
pushes worry around your delicate frame.


Neat Lawn - 4 line poem

Trees bow down before the wind,

dead leaves, dried branches drop,

ground keepers glean the fallen,

keeping a tidy lawn.

Short Poetry

Winter came early this year

A log in the woods
Dead and hollow
Providing a home for those who follow
I am the woods in the winter
Cold and dead but only for this… 59 more words