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when words won't suffice

i got so used to not having to use my words

my tongue tied and my eyes spoke to you

as blatant as love and understanding could be…

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half way

either leave me in bed alone or tied to the bedpost

i won’t accept anything in between

with passion running through my veins

i expect love to be anything but mediocre… 41 more words


crumbs of you

I always had to steal for your affection

in the rare moments I would wait idly for

the time when crumbs of your heart would fall off… 47 more words


The only thing we don't want...

We want anxiously to get older, taller, stronger, Want anxiously to shine at school, Want anxiously to complete college with honours, Want anxiously to get married to a great partner, Want anxiously to get a job that means something, The only thing we don’t want at all is what we have…


Love Song of a Father

My Son, listen to the song of your father,

Attend the words as they paint colorful flavors and tasty hues of love

My song is a story with mysteries which gives love a face… 257 more words

Short Poems

Quiet Solitude - In The Valley of Broken Skulls

Quiet solitude…

In the valley of broken skulls,

The dwelling of black vultures; tearing flesh from bones

Ghosts of many lurking, and calling for more. 191 more words

Short Poems

a notion

the way your bed feels in your first night’s sleep after a long trip from home.

the way mom’s cooking tastes after many months apart from visiting. 36 more words