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30/9/14 - Eventually, the World Eats Us

Ever seen the world eat away at us?
I have.
Drink too much water, we die.
Eat too much food, we die.
Keep our structures out in the air, it rusts. 79 more words


Dear memories,
how dare you stalk my past,
shackle my thoughts to your smile,
and then ground my mistakes into a trembling apology
as if anyone escapes history.


Portrait Of Love

Sweet like candy and

soft like fur

 bold like the color red and

fierce like the wind.

Loud like a storm and

colorful like a rainbow. 26 more words

Short Poems


against your chest
lulled by your steady heartbeat

My Poetry

The Writer's Lover

She wants to drip his words
Over her vellum flesh
Pour the sins down her throat
Swallow drops of desire
A tonic of inspired prose… 34 more words

Short Poems

telling eyes

I regret all the times I couldn’t look you in your eyes.

At the time, it didn’t seem like much.

A quick glance away every time it felt too intimate. 40 more words



Creep was humming through my car radio; Thom’s voice pleading my same case. A misfit in your eyes I’m sure I seemed. Like a puzzle piece trying to fit in the wrong place.  72 more words