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Louis Kahn -Detelj

I wanna die a distant father

one son and two daughters

louis kahn was just a martyr

to let deadbeats not bother

Defining Beauty

know my heart
it loves
too much
too strongly
it places the joy
of others before
its own
it aches
in silence
know the sacrifice… 19 more words

Poem A Day


a something in the clouds that day
the way they held the sun
as if to cherish an embrace
that someday soon were gone

a sign perchance of things to come… 17 more words

Short Poems

Stop Out

All night and most of the day
she stayed away.
I fretted and worried,
I called her name,
she never came.
Now in the mid-afternoon, 25 more words


Pros and Cons

She makes lists:
Reasons to love,
Excuses to leave.
Sorted and stacked
Side by side,
Heart and Brain divided.
Laughter in the evenings
Weeping in the mornings… 27 more words


Terms of Endearment

I didn’t mean
to call you baby,
but there is some
thing in the way
your body slumps
onto mine, something
about your long
thin arms holding… 40 more words

Poem A Day

Balms of Deceit, Truth

What balms of deceit
Do we apply to our burned,
Hemorrhaging hearts?

Only truth will salve–
Though it wield sharp sting before
Most soothing solace.

©Frank Kainoa, 2011