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Poem of the day - Slap in the Cornerstone

Slap in the cornerstone

Cheap tricking mixer, unable to bear the shambles.

Social isolator a predatory party animal rendition

Bartering emotion, on a needs be selfish notion… 102 more words

Creative Writing

"I Miss How Home Looks" (Poem #34)

I only miss home in images.
In thoughts of seeing hills sketched alongside the sky,
looking down on us,
misguided people. We don’t value her true essence, 17 more words



it’s a damn shame, the way you let them change you

rearrange you…

you bought into their idea of fixing yourself

when nothing was broken… 48 more words




you paralyze me

cause me to be misunderstood

forcing me into awkwardness

outwardly displayed as appearing cold


you control me

cause me to feel anxious… 9 more words


Drawing the curtain...

Waking up to a pitch black sky
I sigh wishing I could go back to sleep
Tossing and turning eventually rolling out of bed
Looking out the tinted, glass window… 22 more words


Poem of the day -- Trespass motion

I am about to undertake another painting. I am trying a sea landscape this time. I find writing a poem helps me come to terms with myself at the moment… 112 more words


What the kids at school taught me

Maya Angelou said it best, words are things and words are power. We hear that statement every time and it sounds so cliche. Almost as if we are saying we fully get it so why bother repeating it. 427 more words