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Daily Poem - Dawdle


Slim chance stutter habit, cruel miser squeezing juice from damaged spirit

A quick din for a loud part snack addict

Brisk undertone, seeps through thin political saviour… 83 more words


Walking on a smoggy lane….

Walking on a smoggy lane….

Fighting with the flares of insane…

Flirting audaciously with every passing occurrence …

Looking for sunshine, and the sane….!

I keep striding on a whimsical journey …  the journey of revelations … the journey of blunders .. 15 more words

Life Journey

Poem #32 (Turmoil)

I no longer speak

For only the fanatics are allowed speech

So I keep my thoughts hidden

Instead trying to find inner peace.

Worrying myself not… 91 more words


Daily Poem - Modern Tease

Modern tease

Time for tease and crumbly gifts

Charmed to be part of the weather; a cloud heart sense of keeping

Swim against the current to fetch the buoy, ready to plant an anchor… 110 more words


Accidents of Grace

He looks down past his feet
at discarded minutiae of life,
irregular or unscathed, he’ll find
stray data composing patterns,
designating sense to this world. 28 more words

Stop Trying to Break In

These walls aren’t meant
To guard me, to keep you out;
I made them to keep the demons
Inside so they won’t hurt you.

© Alicia Kochis 2014

Short Poems

Reach in my pocket
Ooh yum–it’s ibuprofen!
Life without healthcare