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Lessons from Chess

As I watched
they were arguing about the vinyl siding on their dream home
and whether her canary yellow was better
or his forest green. 33 more words


Now I'm the Only One to Drive

Resting my arm in the open window
Wind rushing through my hair.
Sometimes I’d try to capture
The sunshine and shadows across my skin
As he drove on winding roads. 39 more words


Solitary River

On the bank of river

I sat solitary

With my two lovers

Dream and sensibility

Willfully passing instance

Devouring nature by glance

Enjoying every minute passed… 136 more words

Short Poems

eyes like hers

something about the way her eyes looked

they weren’t sad

they just had meaning

a story

so many secrets 

her eyes weren’t hiding anything though… 101 more words


How the Quirky Writer Sells Himself

“I’ve got a way with irony.
I thought this would be a good way to show it,”

says the author
going door-to-door
selling “no soliciting” signs,
selling himself, really.






Warm genial enchanting wisely feathered longing,

Rippling sensual, teasing into languid resting all through, changing moods

Ever certain diverse imaginary vision

Pulse, invent and initiate condition. 82 more words


Ramps to the Freeway

Driving On and Off the Sensitive Limbs

Going in and Out Those Complex Systems

And that, would be the PURPOSE of the R-A-M-P-S to the freeways, isn’t it?  36 more words