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Internal war.....

Throughout our painful times, we regularly reflect
For the basis of our suffering and how best to deflect

But this suffering is rooted so deep within our core… 71 more words



i always found it so pathetic how booze made me feel

fumbling over my words, I would slur with honesty

sipping the bottle like it was a microphone to the truth…

37 more words


you know the way you crave bad food

knowing it’s only temporary pleasure

regretting later why you ate that

that was how i felt about you… 27 more words


Concrete Surroundings

Sweeping through like a violent storm
Rains, heavy
Winds, strong-

Tore down the walls
Leaving foundations

Settling blue skies return,
But she will never climb
Those basement stairs.



how it was    it was

as if all of the blood in my body


into my loin

so that even my fingers grew stiff… 38 more words

Short Poems


How often must we

butt to head

Mind to ass

flank to nuts

cock to elbow

hip to toe

soul to shoulder

confront ourselves

in our past.

–Maya Angelou

Short Poems

caught in the undertow

of your absence

i wish

i didn’t feel

like this

Short Poems