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In the darkest corner

Of well known room

She sat hiding face

In strangers brood


Single flickering light

Hurting her eyes

Bloodshot colored

By deep cries… 98 more words

Short Poems

Spring Quiz

If you could do anything
on a spring day,
jump fences like a horse,
escape strong hands like a kite,
enter blossom paradise like a bee, 43 more words

Free yet Chained...

A passing thought often strikes thee,
The person who just crossed you by,
Maybe you’re as chained as another free.

You wonder if happiness had ever had a tree, 123 more words


A Tryst with a Facet of Life...

Shaded in hues, painted in shades,
Truth comes varied, through different verbal trades.

Akin to any liquor fermented deep and aged years long,
Does reality come across, for us to throng. 70 more words



it wasn’t so long ago
we pulled
the stitches one by one

unfurled skin
not quiet healed

we live on
we continue

the blood is meek… 30 more words

Poem A Day

Failed Domestic Control....

He perceived vulnerability at the start of your love
And considered his status was a level above

Control and manipulation was an aim in his mind… 86 more words



Night in its silent darkness

Reveals the thoughts veiled

Daylight shadow thoughts

That flows in night’s stream


In the hustle of sun ride

Life becomes instant scheme… 48 more words

Short Poems