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NaPoWriMo Day 24: On PDA.

She walked through the classroom door.
He caught her eye and blew her a kiss.
Sitting in a corner, staring at the floor,
I scribbled away, out of ignorance, out of bliss. 66 more words

Scribbles 34

I am 86 pounds of wild cat
yet I don’t know the right
syllables to purr your name

Poem A Day

Living Me

In the abyss of my soul

where I lost myself

I found thee

Treasuring All tears

I cried

Counting those lost beats

I skipped

Weaving web of memories… 44 more words

Short Poems


It broke silently
My faith
Leaving no scraps
No pain
As death of belief
Of God
Leaving oblivion
Nothing but an
Empty abyss
Drained all strength… 21 more words

Short Poems

Chubby fingers, and modest Men

Break the road,
tear the
ground apart with your

shovel hands, and knive-sharpened

your only obstacle
is the bruised heart

(you buried)

long ago.

Free Verse

Parking lot love

It’s no wonder the parking lot was our favourite place,
We would drive across town to a bookstore or some fancy place,
But we would end up sitting in your car for hours, 130 more words


back, and back again

I would like the world someday . . .
to simply stop.

maybe then, in the quiet
of that time will I find

the footprints that I lost, 7 more words

Free Verse