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My Place

I rather fancy a beach hut,
with a gingerbread porch painted blue.
A proper bed with a mattress,
and a bright hand-made quilt or two. 98 more words

Short Poetry

23/7/14 - Forgotten Soul

When the souls of the forgotten 
finally roam our Earth,
 we weep in remorse for not of the return of the departed,
 but for the possibility that they remember the sins we’ve done against them. 77 more words





I’ve been writing a lot about Portland. I think I “know” the city well enough to start reflecting on it- this happens when I move some place. 58 more words


Iced Tea

Just a reflection on drinking iced tea this afternoon. Lemonade and iced tea are my two favorite things about summer.




Iced Tea



Epistemology of sweet… 16 more words


Poem Eight.


I never thought I’d see the day
Where I could leap to the unknown.
A sickness healed and lessons learned
Do you see how much I’ve grown?

Your Hands #poeminyourpocket #poetry

When you look around
and can go deep &
feel the wave
bringing it all together
You’ll know
You are the world
And infinity lies… 6 more words

In Flames (my Poems)

20/7/14 - I am Somewhere

To keep loneliness at bay
I would constantly tell myself
that it is an impossibility
for me to be nonexistent
when I
am a blur, 27 more words