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Red Wolf Wordle 23

It is a miracle
how birds produce fluty trills
from their tiny lungs,
a swallow sings the blues
in fear of  long migration ahead                                                       . 53 more words

Short Poetry

Black Goes With Everything

At the pinnacle of a worthless wait
Scaling hopeless heights
Neither the narrow nor the straight
Wasted on meaningless nights

Short Poetry


A long day of unpacking subindices of economic reports can do a lot to get the brain going- it’s why what I do works so well for who I am. 93 more words


The Price of Nice

You’d help them out

If it only meant for a favor later

This is the price of the admiring savior



Short Poetry

Rhythm - Haiku 28

Walking briskly, down

the asphalt way, legs pumping,

heart healthy rhythm

American Haiku

Keep It Short

Sentences shorten on page
With rhyming still swinging
As words bounce off page
To a steady beat of dancing
All the while they’re singing
Across a filling page.

Current Poetry

drunken haiku #6

here there be pirates

and spring reins and we all typo

from time to time, yo