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Butterscotch (Prompt)

When the sun

shines with rays

of butterscotch

pudding, even

cave dwelling creatures

can emerge with spoons

to eat honey

from the hives.



Hope is but a

pinhole of light 

fleeting puncture

in stillness

of solid hermitage

She could be buried alive

in gardens of stone

sleeping music,

yet never deep enough

to capture respite from glaring sun.

Dandelion tea

sunshine in a cup consoles

black news on TV


I see my face at the back of your hand–
tattooed ink stains of formulas
Breathing in as much as you can.
Now I’m flooding with euphoria.


Poem Nine.


I count each day to ease the ache
Sanity seems to be at stake
Maybe I’ll move on from here
Move on from you, when all is clear… 15 more words

Writing from prompts: 'because of you' & 'trailing vine'

Because of you

trailing vine,


of space time’s

sliding cadence,

the tender green

touch was given

winding ways

to failing aspen.