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Knitting Pattern - Canceled Stamp Cloche

Here is another of the vintage-inspired hat patterns I created in my design frenzy last fall. I named this asymmetrical cloche “canceled stamp” after the 1920s term for a wallflower. 749 more words


September Hat Project

I guess it’s because September is traditionally back-to-school time here in the United States that this month gives me the urge to learn new things.  This year, I’ve decided to improve my knitting and crochet skills by stitching up 20 or so hats by the end of the month.   317 more words

Yarny Goodness

Knitting Short Rows - Wavy Scarf

I saw this amazing scarf in my local yarn shop the other day and had to give it a try.  I couldn’t wait to make the scarf, though I REALLY wanted to make it in the yarn the sample scarf was in.   122 more words


Multi-directional diagonal scarf

Now that I’ve gone back to a day job (bye bye breakie! :'( ), my yarn-time has reduced drastically. So much that I’ve started setting targets — like knitting at least an inch of material every day. 324 more words


WIP WEDNESDAY: Still pluggin' away at Aiken

Since the last time I posted, I’ve picked up stitches for the armholes and finished one sleeve for Aiken, with another sleeve almost done.  I tried it on earlier today and it looks great on me. 170 more words


Sock Toe or Heel: Short Rows

In this tutorial, I’ll be describing how to create a sock toe and heel using a provisional cast on and short rows. I may not be the best teacher, but hopefully my instructions were clear enough. 580 more words


Finished: Mixed Wave Rug

One day back in the cabin, two evenings of knitting and here it is:

Night photo, unblocked, with cat. But finished!

675 grams heavy!
2 m long (I think) and 40 cm wide before blocking. 47 more words