First Winter Run

Short run this morning.  Going to call it my first winter run even though it’s only October 5 because it was 40 degrees and miserably windy/cold.   141 more words

Recovery Run #2 - 4.66 miles

It was another day for a recovery run.

And to my surprise, the pain in the bottom of my left foot came back. And I didn’t want to make it worse, so I stopped at 4.66 miles. 281 more words


A Wee Short Jog

After two whole months of sitting on the sidelines, feeling miserable about being injured and not being able to run, I finally decided this morning to tie on my running shoes and go for a wee short jog along the seafront. 345 more words


Today's Run: 3.2km Past My Old High School

Today is my brother’s 18th birthday so I got up early, caught the ferry to Vancouver, made a crapload of crepes for him and went for a short run with him past our old high school. 40 more words


7 Miles, Challenges and Apple Watch

I didn’t run this morning, so I went for a run as soon as I got home from work.

I toyed with the idea of running 12 miles up to the minute I began running but chose not to. 430 more words