MODRUN Week 3 Day 5: Easy Does It

Just a short run early in the morning to make sure I get at least a mile in, and because running is how I clear my mind to deal with stuff. 273 more words


This TAPER thing is not easy

I know the concept of taper but it’s not that easy to do. Today I ran only 3 Km. Felt OK I suppose although it was again raining.Legs maybe a little heavy. 52 more words

Short run in Rain

Did not feel that keen today but a little rain never hurt anyone so I just went out and jogged around for a short while.. Once I got going I felt a bit better? 98 more words

“Politicians in a democratic society tend to be shortsighted because they are driven by the need to win their next election.”

Francesco Giavazzi and Frederic S.

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Kelly Froh!

Purchased Kelly Froh’s The Greatest at Arcane Comics the other day. It is all about elders in elder care being the best something, like a drawing of one man says, “Greatest deliverer of expletives in casual conversation,” or for one woman it says that she has the “Greatest stories of NYC from the 60′s.” It is so spot-on as she works in that industry. 73 more words

What is the difference between digital print and litho print, and why should I care?

 Digital printing has taken tremendous leaps and bounds in the last 20 years from its infancy as merely poor quality color copies, or black ink 2-sided manuals, to being in the forefront of printed products.   1,339 more words


30 K m OK but my toes a little hacked.

My main concern these days is to not get injured. My knee has been bad for a week or so  probably due to lifting weights and I always have hammy problems and my sore quad will not go away. 133 more words