Indie Authors: Print on Demand (POD) Options

For indie authors, it’s good to have options. This means making your book available in multiple formats: ebook, audio, and print.

Just a few years ago, financing your own print books would have been either very expensive, take up a lot of garage space, or both. 229 more words


T-shirts and Bags and More

I will be the first to tell you that I have always been a print snob.  Promotional items?  Not me!  That being said, we do offer promotional items here at Green Eagle Graphics and lots of them.  196 more words

Coin-Op #5: Plastic Faces - A Review

Coin-Op #5: Plastic Faces
Peter and Maria Hoey
Coin-Op Studio, 2014

Coin-Op #5: Plastic Faces is another of my Short Run comic finds. This is might be my favorite of all of the comics I bought there (I still have a few to read). 420 more words


Short Run Long Fun

Last Saturday November 15th was Short Run and there was a lot more in store than I could ever have imagined. The historic and beautiful Washington Hall was packed with tables hosting vendors of all sorts showing off their work. 197 more words


Short Run Comix and Arts Festival view

This was only one floor! Best crowd of people ever–cool kind creative appreciative fun. Sorta like heaven, including the killer pastries and coffee!

(Clyde Peterson’s castle on stage.)

Hop on down to SHORT RUN Comix and Arts Festival this Saturday from 11-6!


Copies of my new book The Grass Catcher in the Rye: Reel Lawn-care Dramas are available for only ten bucks!!!


(This is part 2 of this recap.. you can read part 1 here)

As October and race day got closer I worried a bit about team members dropping off.   2,233 more words