100 Concepts and Skills in 10 Days Part 6 (Day 8)

Day 8: Insurance, Retirement and Investments

- What is “Risk”
– What are The Basic Types of Insurances and Their Benefits
– What are The Required Types of Insurance… 74 more words

Fasting, Thursday was ruined, a long run, and homemade wine.

Wednesday. Since I had appointments going on after work, and I knew it would be a rest day, and I had eaten so crappy over the weekend, I decided to fast breakfast and lunch. 555 more words

Workout of the Day: 3 mile run and Legs/Abs

Well, I am definitely feeling yesterday’s workout and I ain’t mad about it. Being sore is one of the most satisfying feelings…it shows that your hard work is paying off and that your body is changing. 176 more words


Workout of the Day: 3-4 mile run and Back/Bis

Today’s run is short. Take the opportunity to practice your race pace speed…if your legs aren’t killing you from those intervals yesterday.

Even though it’s way longer than you need, I found this set to be perfect…or at least the first half of it. 153 more words


Heavy foot

Yes, just the one.
Went for a jog up the Greensand Way towards Singleton late this afternoon and got caught in a shower.
Right at the highest point, right where I turn around on a short jog, it started hammering down. 144 more words


A flourish to finish?

The month has had ups and downs, for sure. The weather has suited me quite well compared to previous years, my energy levels occasionally less so. 110 more words