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A-to-Z: Err

 Err - a three-letter word for mistake

She knew she erred as soon as she rolled out of bed that morning.  Her foot caught on the throw rug and slid. 240 more words


A-to-Z: Delitescent

Delitescent:  hidden, concealed, latent.

“I choose not to engulf the thick green hedge. It takes away my momentum; does nothing to the creatures hiding in it.   100 more words


A-to-Z: Crepuscule

Crepuscule: twilight; dusk

“I bet if they’d named it “Crepuscule”, they’d have better numbers,” Danni giggled.  She and Matt stood in line to see “Night of the Living Dead 3″ the latest zombie remake. 284 more words


A-to-Z: Blatherskite

Blatherskite: a person given to voluble, empty talk

Mabel talked all the time; in her sleep, standing in line at the grocery store, at the bankteller’s stall, even while in the bathroom.  168 more words


A-toZ: Aubade

Aubade: (noun) a song greeting the dawn

Lyandra woke to a cacophony of sound.  Many many handfuls of birds surrounded her backyard, singing their hearts out with the sunrise. 211 more words


The Reading Chair (Short Scene)

My door is never answered as a matter of principled cynicism. After all, how can the world’s foolishness permeate my walls but through such a gateway? 612 more words


A Letter To Sasha



Monday 14th July


You are always too formal!  I have your crinkled and yellowed letter by my side as I write to you now, though it has took some time to arrive to me here on the sunny coast of Recife (I think Brasilian mail is slow).   1,038 more words

What Is Life Worth