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The Last Vestigial Tale: “The Card Sharp” is now Live!

The Last Vestigial Tale, “The Card Sharp,” is now up on Kindle. By happy coincidence, today is also Bisexuality Visibility Day, and Drystan is bisexual. 706 more words


The Mussel and the Bittern

Once, upon the rocky coast, a mussel was basking in the warm sunshine when a bittern came along, and plunging its beak inside, attempted to eat the mussel’s soft flesh. 121 more words


How the Frog-Mother Burst with Pride!

Once, in the Long Ago Times, a simple family of frogs were disporting themselves in a muddy creek when a giant ox came blundering along. … 303 more words


A changed humanity

Crimson rolls upon the shore as you look out onto the vast body of what used to be water. Time and time again you said it. 421 more words



When I met her, I was closed. Closed to relationships, love and everything one could be closed to. I was closed to myself. Closed to the world. 384 more words


Some initial thoughts as to why the magazine may work

Currently, I am only submitting some rudimentary thoughts towards this project, but in the very near future I hope to publish new entires on a weekly basis that covers these topics more in-depth. 637 more words


James Holden: Flashbulb Eyes

Ruth wasn’t sure where she was. Opening her eyes she was met by a blue sky, occasional  clouds meandering across the sky. She struggled to remember what she’d been doing before she fell asleep – all she had was a vague memory of walking down a road and a speeding car. 574 more words

James Holden