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The Scooter

The old one was dressed in casual attire, and was on his way to the bus stop when he spied a bright orange motor scooter puttering down the road towards him. 1,647 more words

Short Stories

The Farmer's Wife - How it all Began

When I was preparing to leave school, if you had told me I would marry a dairy farmer and live on a farm, surrounded by cows, hay and cow shit. 112 more words


At First Sight

Tolu was very happy with the amount of people that turned up for his birthday party. But he was angry that his sister stil hasn’t arrived. 110 more words

Short Stories

Whacky Stories with Twist Endings – Book Review

This is a four book collection of short stories by John M. W. Smith, a writer who has had many stories published in the women’s weekly magazines and literary journals. 1,032 more words

Book Reviews

~Short Story Contest Looser~ Stories of a solo traveller

~A Mysterious Pill~

I gripped the dirty rope swing and inched my toes to the edge of the wooden platform. I closed my eyes and jumped, wrapping my legs around the rope. 1,555 more words

Short Stories

Everlasting Beauty



Hadeel told Nasheva that Rabe’a Al Adawiya was a Sufi from Bashra, Iraq, who was once made a slave and had to do hard labor. 114 more words

Short Stories

Sky's Tale: Adam

Meanwhile, Adam was waiting to know what kind of kinds he would be.

“Everything is so exciting. I want to be in everything.” he told Love. 36 more words