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One Tiny Detail

“But Dr. Slaughter, I don’t understand why we still can’t get pregnant!”

Kerry was distraught and almost inconsolable. Ever so often a tear escaped her eye and she’d dab at it with a Kleenex. 912 more words

Creative Writing

My Grandma Was a Bear

   My Grandma was a bear! Even her human body had the shape of a bear with ample flesh beneath her white-haired bun. Each Spring she’d emerge from her cozily cluttered den after Winter’s reclusive semi-hibernation again. 484 more words

I Remember

I remember when I hated holidays
Didn’t want to come home, will rather be out
I’ll pray resumption time comes fast
To leave for school and not have to face you… 648 more words

Short Stories

One Hundred Days of Blogging - Day Twenty

Today marks my conscious uncoupling with Monday, because Monday is a big bag of shit. Seriously. These past few Mondays have been riddled with all sorts of bad nonsense, and I’ll have no more of it. 544 more words


And A Ghost

   Paycheck by paycheck, a miner built his home while living in a tent on the newly constructed floor. That was in the early days of the gold camp called Kirkland Lake. 645 more words

Pistol Wrists 5 Comes Out September 22nd!

Catch up on the first 4 and experience the journey as a teenager chases “It”.

Pistol Wrists 1- Hero

The first Pistol Wrists – A teenager thinks he knows “It” better than anyone and does something drastic to set himself apart from everyone else. 318 more words


Free Friday (on Monday)

Am I the absolute worst about posting or what? :) I will say that while I’m not posting updates and such on here I’m actually writing and editing and doing my darndest to come up with sexy, fresh stories for you all to read. 321 more words