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Impossibly fast it was. It soared past me, knocking my hair out of its tight bun. Which made me frown. Everyday it happened. Every, single day. 67 more words


The Sleeper: Part Four

Part Four

Written by Derrick Nadeau

As Greg knelt on the floor, doubled over in pain and spitting up blood, he ran through the events of the evening that led him to this moment in some desperate hope that he might be able to find a way out of his current predicament.   1,366 more words

Short Stories


“Excuse me,” she queried, “vat benefits?”

“Oh,” the director of human resources smiled, “that’s the first thing everyone wants to know about when they’re hired. “All of our employees receive company paid health insurance, a 401-K plan, stock options, two weeks sick leave, and two weeks paid vacation for the first five years of employment, and another week of paid vacation for every additional five years of service thereafter.” 41 more words

Short Stories

Beer Bottle Tops

It started with beer bottle tops.

You remember, they were all the rage in the eighties. Every teenager was wearing them. I forget which idol started it, maybe Bros? 273 more words


Hello Everybody! :)

:) Hello everybody, Gregory Thomas is here. (That’s my writer’s name).

I just wanted to thank ALL of the people who like my stuff, and also a thanks to ALL of the people that are following me. 133 more words


Sealed With A Kiss

Dearest Daniel,

I love how your eyes sparkle and turn a deep shade of blue, as they gaze into mine… Oh my darling, I know you didn’t mean what you said in the courtroom, and I forgive you. 72 more words

Short Stories

Mission accomplished!

Twist & Mix, my new collection of short stories, has finally been published. My deadline was the end of April – I have a few days to spare! 84 more words

Short Stories