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Where The Waterfall Starts

This is where the waterfall starts.

She paces the room weary and voice fading, whispering curses at me, at her mother, at her existence. She is exhausted from screaming, but this is worse than moments before as she shouted her list of reasons I’d burn in hellfire. 470 more words

Short Stories

Out of the Bronx: The Joel Sachs Stories by Jerome Kass

As the title indicates, Out of the Bronx: The Joel Sachs Stories chronicles the life of Joel Sachs from the grade school to old age through a series of interconnected short stories. 600 more words


Douglas Finds Love On Pay-Per-View

Back on the couch with a new bottle, Douglas fingered the remote. The 60” plasma rhythmically bobbed through commercials that oozed plastic happiness. Buxom brunettes licking lipstick laden lips, and Joanna laughing on every channel. 103 more words

Short Stories

Another man's war

The early morning sunlight streamed through the apertures of the window blinds casting hazy shadows on the walls. The bedside clock ticked rhythmically towards its appointed hour, where it sounded an alarm at 7:00 o’clock. 877 more words

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The Boy and the Frog

The first time I saw death was by my own hand. I was nine.

The air-gun sat steady in my grasp, so comfortable, so right. My brother Dean had told me to hold my breath when I fired. 1,068 more words

Short Stories

Do you remember One Forty Fiction? The website that, in 140 characters or less, gave us tweet-sized stories from across the country?

If you don’t, take a look, and then breathe an exasperated sigh.

553 more words
Here's To The Random

'Fortune Favours The Bold' by Aditi Kabra

Fortune Favours The Bold

By Aditi Kabra

It was getting hot. Even for Hydrogen atoms H1 and H2, being on the star’s surface could be trying. 422 more words