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Children's Picture Books

Halfway through and I’m frantically trying to finish a manuscript to send to an agent through my 12 x 12 Picture Book Challenge with Julie Hedland. 193 more words

Frances Macaulay Forde

Visual Evil

The man might have been a 1914 banker. He clack-clacked across the wooden floor of the inmate barracks, the pointy tip of his black, bat-wing umbrella scratching a staccato tattoo as he went. 387 more words


James Holden: Cancer, language and Lorrie Moore

I have just finished re-reading Lorrie Moore’s Birds of America. It’s a fantastic collection of short stories first published in 1998, often dark but also frequently very funny. 436 more words

James Holden

February 4th, 4:14pm

Sharon sat up straight in her chair, a weeks worth of stress inducing phone calls ringing from the lower left side of her back. Some Fridays she considered taking a knife to the knot ridden lump of flesh. 169 more words

Short Stories