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My Monday Night (Sort Of A Short Story)

Hello and welcome to my Monday night. It was amazing and now I feel slightly broken. I am energized even though I am exhausted. I want to sleep now that my night is over, but too excited to even think of fully ending the night.  335 more words



As I close my eyes, I realized I have left the world,
Outside of my painful universe I got no words,
Just thoughts, ideas, creative ways I would like to share, 51 more words


I Love You

I love you. Those three words only mean something if you believe them. And somehow I couldn’t believe this woman was capable of love.

Originally I was one of her victims. 1,751 more words


Macrocosm (happy 3)

“In the scientific field of astronomy, there are so many questions that are asked about space. I was very interested with the question of if black holes destroy everything, or are actually some wormhole that leads to somewhere else in space or, better yet, another universe (which would technically make it a multiverse then.) Nevertheless, my team of 5 and I were given a grant to go to space to launch a special camera into a black hole spotted approximately 10 days away. 582 more words

Short Stories

Why the frog and the snake never play together.

Some time ago in the African rainforest a baby snake set out to play. As he slithered away his mother chanted words of caution: 272 more words

Short Stories

The grim reaper's worst nightmare

Every year the grim reaper challenges Mike to a contest in order to allow him another year of life.

“Not paintball again please, you know that my long robes are a disadvantage. 678 more words

Short Stories

If We Make It to the Other Side

There were various shapes of black, grey and brown lining rows and rows of seats. Clothing made for rain, the uniform, perhaps, for travelling in this manner. 2,148 more words