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Pretty Fingers


Paula tried to join her colleagues on the final leg of their Christmas night out but a jobsworth bouncer crossed his beefy arms and blocked the pub doorway. 459 more words

Flash Fiction

Christmas Is a Time to Read-Joyce: Ivy Day in the Committee Room


OLD JACK raked the cinders together with a piece of cardboard and spread them judiciously over the whitening dome of coals. 5,480 more words


The Gong of Midnight

The clock in the hall struck midnight.  Sarah could hear the loud booming gong

“bong” “bong” “bong” her heart thudded louder with each gong.  She should be fast asleep, but sleep refused to come.     106 more words

Writing Challenge

The White T-Shirt

It must have been sometime early in the year 2000. I don’t exactly remember the date. I was travelling in a train bound for San Francisco. 1,006 more words

Short Stories

December Sunshine Part 9

Endang could feel her blood rush to her head, this was an overwhelming new experience for her. She had never been this close to a man before let alone pressing lips like this. 3,032 more words


Sunday Photo Fiction - December 21st 2014

Every week on a Sunday, a new photo is used as a prompt for Flash Fiction challenge using around 200 words based on that image. Your story does not have to be exactly what the item in the photo is as long as there is at least a reference to it. 68 more words

Short Story

The Cafeteria Part 3

Shame me once, woe is me. Shame me twice, tag, you’re it.  – The Lounger

“Hey, it’s been years since I saw you!” Bernard said. 590 more words

Short Stories