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On the Waves of Destiny

On the Waves of Destiny

“Ah Ingridarson, the village veslingr unloading his pitiful haul of food like a pitiful meyla,” Hrolf Reinnsen chided the smaller man as he pushed his way into the dockside storage building. 3,682 more words

Short Stories

Where are you supposed to be?

Sometimes I sit and question all of the choices I’ve made in life, and I question if I’m letting myself down or if I’m doing okay. 18 more words


The end of Exams.

Yeah it’s been a while. Exams followed by internship chaos, you’ll have to excuse me as usual.


Love stories.


            She ties her hair back in a loose bun. 659 more words

Short Stories

Chuck Accidentally Touches His Swirling Mirror

Chuck stared at the mirror above his bathroom sink. It looked different today. Well, it looked different most days, but typically that was due to how he was standing, what he was wearing, or what he was doing. 1,275 more words




Slamming her bedroom door shut behind her, Willow ran across the room and pulled her little white dressing table towards the door.  Pushing it up against the door handle in order to disable it from turning, Willow was still unsure of her door being secure.  2,006 more words

Short Stories

Out of the Bronx: The Joel Sachs Stories by Jerome Kass

As the title indicates, Out of the Bronx: The Joel Sachs Stories chronicles the life of Joel Sachs from the grade school to old age through a series of interconnected short stories. 600 more words


The Reluctant Angel

Angel Davis had no known enemies and almost as many friends, but he couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that he was being watched and distantly followed by the man in the oversized grey suit and the immaculately shined shoes. 1,330 more words