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The Writing's On The Wall

Short Stories

When a writer reveals his imaginations, he is exposing his inner being to his and his readers conscious thoughts. Imaginations? Yes I think so. 608 more words


Rhythm Sticks

Yesterday at our first Tricycle Readers meeting, we touched on the importance of punctuation. Punctuation supports and highlights meaning. The jacket of Lyn Truss’s book on English grammar shows a hand holding a smoking gun. 252 more words

Literary Criticism

The Great Prickly Pear Debacle

“Oom Fourie passed away last night.” Boggel raises a glass in a silent salute. “He must have been a hundred-and-something.” They all knew the old man had been teetering about on his last legs for the last few weeks and somehow the news of his demise is a relief. 1,039 more words

Smalltown Short Stories

Acknowledging My Blogging Friends 92314

Last week I had this list prepared but I couldn’t remember what the title was I had it filed under. After I posted I stumbled over this list. 272 more words

What's On My Mind

Bird's Eye View On Life

Now winter is fast approaching but I need to stay focused on one thing. After spending most of this year working hard on entering competitions I want to spend the next few months working on my novel. 464 more words


an essay on the location of love

a semi-complete piece still in fluctuation…feedback is welcomed.

Where is love located?

Could love be located in the SOUL? 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes declared the pineal gland “the principal seat of the soul.” Well, it’s widely considered absurd that either love or the soul are tangible entities but perhaps that’s unjustified. 577 more words

Short Stories