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Walter Smith…fighter

Walter Smith loved to fight.  He fought his way through school and he never stopped.  Walter wasn’t a bad man, in fact, everyone loved him, it’s  just that he only felt truly alive when he was fighting, everything else in his life failed by comparison.   626 more words

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Nits, lice, ticks, fleas, mites

Jojo was a caveman. (Yes, they had names back then). He had a wife and kids. Lots. And he had nits. And lice. And ticks. And fleas. 100 more words

Creative Writing

Under the Golden Apple Tree - Book 2 (Belle), Part 12

Tears began rolling down her face. She started trembling, and the springs of the mattress squeaked in sympathy. She did not want to awaken Sabine. Ever so slowly, she inched her way out of the bed, and crept slowly out of the bedroom. 585 more words


The Legend of Rocky ~by Serenity

One foggy day a little orphan was on her way back to the orphanage. Suddenly the fog was really low. The orphan started coughing for there seemed to be a fire nearby. 175 more words


Updated list of paying spec fiction short story markets: November 2014

I’ve updated my list of paying spec fiction short story markets, as of November 22, 2014.  Shockingly, and delightfully, I’ve found  7 new pro markets to add.   106 more words

Short Stories

NaBloPoMo Day 22 - Venture to the West?

I like this place. A small ‘rotunda’ right on the beach, with tables outside overlooking the sand. It is almost hard to fathom why they have an inside when the location is like this. 398 more words


Save The Internet: Net Neutrality Now!

Stop Thief!

by William Michael Hanks

Somebody is trying to steal your shiny new bicycle and I know who it is. What you can do about it depends on dissuading their accomplices from complicity in the crime. 2,376 more words

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