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In the Silence

This story tumbled into my mind on Halloween 2014:

It was the kind of night were all your nightmares are possible. Those nights when you are alone and all your fears seem alive. 1,707 more words

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Burns and Scars

Many burns, acquired over years of baking, marred his hands, but by this point he barely noticed when a new injury joined the scars. He only wore oven mitts to remove hot pans, but he took them off immediately after; any touch of a hot pan afterward he considered his own foolish fault, and had grown smarter in his handling of everything in the bakery, while his hands had grown tougher, better able to withstand the heat. 162 more words

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She Served Me Love

I find myself remembering the love she showed me and the love I had for her how it mingle, danced and caressed us.

How the first time I saw her I could smell her shoulder length dark brown hair as she walked by and I imagined how she would speak to me (she did speak to me with her eyes) and how I would be overwhelmed by her (I was deeply and wonderfully found in her). 207 more words


A Thanksgiving Tale of Terror

What happens when your Thanksgiving dinner walks off the table? Who do you call when your turkey fights back? This Thanksgiving, it may not be the turkey who has to worry… 1,658 more words


Frostbite by Julia Dweck

Title: Frostbite   

Author: Julia Dweck

Illustrator: Robb Mommaerts

Publisher: Sleepy Sheep Productions

Published: May 1st, 2014

Size: 56 pages

Rating:   5/5

Have you ever dreamed of having a pet… 169 more words


What NaNoWriMo Taught Me

This post was originally posted on the Vaguely Circular blog. I have only posted a portion here and the rest is linked to at the end. 211 more words


Will you still love me?

Will You Still Love Me?

Part One – Daisy Knight

Sydney Australia, 1965

The bell rang but Daisy Knight didn’t move, instead she sat on the cold toilet seat and stared at the two blue lines on the urine stick with her underwear around her ankles. 4,881 more words

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