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She smiled to the tone of those voices which are melodic when it spokes the language of the good and the truth.
She awed to that beauty.


Prose Poem

The garden

People you meet all oh so different
All like the flowers in the garden.
Some had to be the ones with thorns.
And some the withered ones. 14 more words

Prose Poem

Can the future end?

A question I kept pondering upon.
But smiled when I was convinced that happy days exist and are indeed endless.



Are we done yet?

Often said when you are at that stage of your patience.
At the boiling point of your anger.
And you know that it is unbearable. 27 more words


Laugh and Love

Laugh and love cannot be forced.
Even if you love to laugh
and love to love.
If the two are to be forced…
Laugh would not be a laugh… 11 more words


A short story about Love

Today I Saw…

“What I’m saying is that we keep focusingĀ on this idea of romantic existentialism where the real meaningĀ of our existence is expressed through romantic connections and I think that’s just so unproductive, I mean…” 1,270 more words



“I thought there would be some sort of nostalgia…waking up here in this room. But too much has changed.” The boy rose from the bed, pushing the blankets off to sit cross legged on the bed. 550 more words