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Golden Lady Beetle - by Bethany (aged 12)

The golden lady beetle woke up in her nest early in the morning.  The lady beetle was so colourful that you won’t even see her because she blends in with beautiful flowers.   28 more words


The Sleep-over - by Oscar (aged 7)

On Tuesday afternoon Finlay’s best friend Oscar, who he met at pre-school, is coming over to have a sleep-over.  In the sleep-over they are going to sleep with torches in a tent in the backyard.   185 more words

Short Story

The Battleship - by Gordon (aged 9)

Early in the morning when it was still dark, an American battleship came whooshing through the stormy waves.  It was really dark.  It was coming for World War Two.   64 more words


Join me for a one year writing challenge

Inspired by this talk by Ray Bradbury, I will be writing at least one short story every week for the next year. You should too. 138 more words


The Dive - 1 Picture, 3 Stories

So, I have seen this idea of a story in 50 words going around a couple different blogs. I read some really cool versions of fifty word stories, so I going to try at it. 263 more words

Good Reads

The Princess

The first of a few short stories related to the children’s fairy tale I am working on.


Diseased Teeth

It targeted the redheads first. Their teeth would begin to rot abnormally fast, and within days they had only gums. It soon would spread to their bones, but it always began with the teeth of redheads, and through the media’s propensity for bad puns, it developed a common name: Ginger Vitus.

Short Story