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Prior to putting on four hundred pounds, he would eat every two hours. Concerned, desperately so, of starving to death after watching three straight days of infomercials showing children in Africa being lovingly exploited by celebrities. 121 more words

Short Story

Sunday Stories

Vol.1 Brooklyn publishes a series of fiction and nonfiction stories from their favourite writers every Sunday. A few weeks ago, they featured a story I wrote called Magpie. 7 more words


The Beauty and The Beef

Today I practically saw cruel glaring eyes grab hold of a lady’s leg, strike her down and tear her into pieces!
You know that’s a kind of metaphor -right?!
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Teeny Tiny Numbers

Teeny tiny numbers still mean something, no matter how small and insignificant they seem, fractional to the world as a whole.

Big giant world!–and the more you subtract from it–minus one little boy, minus one little girl–the sadder and sadder it gets.¬† 103 more words


Nightmare Patrol

This was a free write and I chose to write a short story. My audience here would be adults who enjoy crime fiction.

Officer Callie Rogers was having a terrible day. 346 more words


A Blighted Tree

A Blighted Tree

Decay, like depression had a strangle-hold upon it. No green needles, no animals. Just a blight: a sickening grey blight. Stale air surrounded it. 20 more words


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Ada seorang gadis kecil, sedang duduk di pinggir danau. Ia sedang melempari air danau dengan kerikil-kerikil di sekitarnya. Seseorang mendatanginya. Seorang pemuda. Penampilannya biasa saja. Hanya menggunakan kemeja putih polos, celana bahan berwarna hitam dengan sepatu pantofel berwarna sama dengan celananya. 465 more words