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Man on the Moon

Fenwick was enjoying another day at work. It was an average day, nothing setting it apart from the others, for which he was glad. He didn’t take to great upheaval well, and even busier than normal days could put him off for a time, making his wind down time expand all evening, straight to bedtime. 105 more words

Short Story


She looked at the mess in front of her with disgust. The skin was old, wrinkled, and the body tainted by a long life. It was no longer the small bundle of innocent cells that she set forth into the world, and that fact both angered and saddened her. 383 more words

The Theme Challenge

The Mind

The mind is a terrible thing to behold. My friends don’t agree. They can’t wait to get their own little mind in a jar that they can put on their mantlepiece right next to their parents. 597 more words

And So It Begins

Announcing: The Egg Thief


Deep in the Crags of Corrah, old Yellowsmoke jealously guards her nest. Pyrs and Taredd are about to take the biggest risks of their lives–matching wits with the most clever and dangerous predator on Aurum: a broody craggon. 11 more words

Short Story

Wedding Dress

“Oh, this one! This one is it, I just know it honey! You look radiant!” Joanne said.

“Mom, please, not so much gushing, it’s embarrassing!” replied Jody, rolling her eyes and turning back to the mirror. 231 more words

Short Story

Friday Fictioneers - War Is Hell

He wore his fatigues on the plane and thought about how he would have to listen to his mom talk about the price of milk at the grocery store. 141 more words

Flash Fiction

Composing Marmara: How to Write a Short Story

Part One

Reading Marmara

Earlier this year, the writer Elaine Chiew invited me to read at a social and cultural event for London-based female alumni of Stanford University. 1,336 more words

Joan Miro