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Hide and Seek

Written for: Friday Fictioneers

18 April 2014

Photo Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy


“You can’t find me!” Leah squeals with delight.” Should we do hot and cold?” she asks earnestly. 79 more words


Road To Freedom

Written for:

Sunday Photo Fiction: April 13th 2014

I heard Ma and Pa talkin about it again last night when they thought I was sleepin. They has promised me to Ralph Smithers down the road in exchange for a pig and two sheep. 111 more words



Standing under the presidential inaugural ceremony platform in the courtyard, I watch the volunteers scramble with last-minute decorations. Competing for my attention are desperate street vendors – they call out special deals from their makeshift sidewalk displays – and, the gentle susurration of a wind from gaudy overhanging vinyl fringes. 139 more words


1819 Vampirismus (The Vampire - Original English Translation) with introductory passages from The Serapion Brethren - Hoffmann

“It is remarkable,” said Sylvester, “that -unless I mistake- another great writer appeared on the other side of the channel, about the same time as Walter Scott, and has produced works of equal greatness and splendour, but in a different direction. 7,602 more words


Maria, Maria from Nashville

Inspired by a song I can’t get enough of…

She walked against the fog and her frolicking in a straight line on top the railway and her bright fuchsia leotard contrasted with her heavy sadness and her smudged makeup. 1,418 more words




Photo: copyright-Kent Bonham


The stage remains lit by a single spotlight, just enough to cast shadows as the janitor pushes his mop pail from stage left. 90 more words


Paleontology 101

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Sunday Photo Fiction: March 30th 2014

Celebrating their first anniversary this week. Congratulations Al for a job well done.

Paleontology 101

When Dr. Charles Ozgood died, the paleontology community remembered him as an idiot. 106 more words